Att. moderators

Since there are a lot of people lately here that are asking about terms, why don’t you creat a new forum? Something where you can read about all kind of terms and what they mean! (like “what is RAW writing” for example!)
I also don’t know everything so I think this could be a usefull forum!
(you always tell us to help each other, so I’m trying 2!)

ThanX 4 reading this topic!

moved it here;

but i agree with you but… it’s a great deal of work if you want to create a page like that without any mistakes, but there was a suggestion of using the archive function of this ubb.

But that up to the duke since he’s the ‘owner’ of this ubb.

I know a bit about UBB, it isn’t very dificult, but it takes allot of bandwidth and space.

Maybe it is a better id, to creat some how to’s or a F.A.Q page were all the common thing are x-plained, this way newbies don’t have to ask everytime.