ATMOS Audio Drop Outs - Details thread


So my brain clearly wasn’t computing what you were saying. This isn’t season 1 on 4K BD, but season 6 BD. I think I read it as season 1 since this is a UHD forum. LOL. Let me take a look at 6x08 and get back to you.

Edit: Watched the entire intro and had no dropouts using my Shield as the playback device.


Latest LAV Nightly fixes the drop outs in S06E08


thanks for working with Hendrik on this! we have him and madshi to also thank for 3D MVC playback from mkv as well!


Hi everyone been a while, just letting everyone know that PotPlayer also plays files with no audio drop outs, I have to check the max bitrate of films before I start watching them to decide which player to use, it’s bad when your are 30 - 45 minutes into a movie and you get dropouts and have to switch players mid movie, so I check before hand using mediaInfo tool. Any word on when Kodi will sort this issue?


no idea.

would suggest you ask the kodi devs over in their forum


Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I am seeing issues with the Atmos track on Incredibles 2. small drops in Audio through out the movie and a few times a complete drop that is only fixed by advancing/going back a chapter.

I can repro this behavior using the LAV 0.71 and DSPlayer and MPC-HC. I also repro’ed using MPC-BE. Any one else experiencing the same issue? Mediainfo tells me that the Atmos track has a Bit rate of 7,005 kb/s and a max of 8,580kb/s


Best to post some more info like:

  • Is it always in the same place
  • What is a Timecode

Then others can check to see if it is the same for them. If it is, them I’m sure at Nev (author of LAV) will be interested.


I will report back with the details tomorrow as I am not at home today. Thanks!


Other users are reporting similar issues in the MakeMKV forum:…12&t=18349

But it seems this may not be related to LAV since one user reported the same with a MKV file played with the Oppo. So it is unclear what is causing this problem. Perhaps MakeMKV itself?


I’ve got Incredibles 2 but my version is not yet supported. Once we have some timecodes we can see if it is the disc (can test on a Xbox One S), or if it is the rippers.


I watched it over the holidays and don’t recall any audio dropouts, but I could be wrong…


I did a few more tests today with interesting results:

  • On my Win10 device, I can repro it everytime using MPC-HC + LAV or Kodi +DSPlayer + Lav. The first hit is at 3min 17sec. But once you hit it, you can’t repro it again by just going back a few seconds or even a minute. You have to go back to the beginning of the movie. Very strange - perhaps some kind of cache?

  • I can’t repro if I play it via my ShieldTV.

Balthazar, what are you using on your side? Some other folks are reporting the same issue at the MakeMKV forum, so it must not be an isolated issue with my setup.


I played it on my ShieldTV.

I will check it on my HTPC tomorrow. I am running madVR/LAV/DSPlayer so I am expecting similar results.


I have this problem too, I also use an Oppo UDP-203, I play everything from a Windows SMB server like the one on the link you posted. Also tried on an external drive usb hooked to the Oppo, same result. I have a Zappiti Media Player and same issue. I used MKVToolnix to rip the full disc backup from MakeMKV and still no way. I do remember that on Infinity War I only experienced 2 dropouts during the first sequence and that’s it. Disney better not get used to do this and get their sh*t together because this is not the only issue from their UHD-BDs


Disney rips are they only ones I’ve experienced drop outs on vis my Oppo 203. Never had an issue with any other release. Haven’t watched Incredibles 2 yet.



JRiver MC v24, LAV (shipping version with MC) and at 3:17, no issue at that point.

I haven’t watched the whole movie yet but at least let it play past that point.

will watch more later

if people can post more timecode that would be great. I can also check my Oppo203 and Shield TV

CORRECTION: I was decoding Atmos to 7.1 PCM within JRiver. Once I stopped doing that and bit streamed, the drop outs were there.


I can confirm the Drop Out (on 2 different HTPC) with Increadibles 2 at 3:16. I’ve posted details and a log file for Hendrik over at JRiver -,114628.msg818879.html#msg818879


Drop outs are random. On Black Panther the ones I got started at minute 15 or so all the way the next hour or so.

I must say that Marvel movies don’t get that many, watching SW8, Cars 3, Coco, Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Wreck it Ralph they were MUCH more frequent than on Marvel movies (Haven’t tried both Incredibles yet).
Coco and Cars 3 are unwatchable to the point I just watch it from the disc and mux the normal BD audio to the UHD rip for backup.


Thanks Jmone1. I saw your post on JRiver. Now let’s hope Hendrik will look into it and figure out what is going on.

One test I want to do is to play directly from the M2TS file. Have you tried it? One user at the MakeMKV forum claimed that he can only repro with MKV files, but not with the original M2TS ones. (and he tried with both MakeMKV and MKVToolnix


He has already looked at the log I posted (but I’m guessing will need to look at the title himself). I don’t rip to MKB, but full BD Structure. The drop out was apparent with both Menu and Title Playback of the M2TS. The odd thing is the seek back “fixes it” at that point… so I’m guessing that it is an accumulation of drift correction as we have seen (and Hendrik has fixed) this before. Keep an eye on the JRiver thread as Hendrik is likely to post there what he finds.