ATMOS Audio Drop Outs - Details thread


are you playing from mkv or folder structure rip? i assume folder but just checking…


Tested “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” with another rip to folder (one was MakeMKV, the other AnyDVD). This is an easy one to find an example. There are a series of rapid ATMOS drop outs right in the opening 20th Century Fox logo when playing the main movie. My ATMOS decoder light goes mad on the Yami RX-A3060 flashing on and off and it is so bad playback for me actually then stalls. Switching to decoding the audio and it plays fine. Discs plays fine on the XBoxOneS on the same AVR/PJ setup.

Edit: Also tested on my LG OLED (feed by another RX-A3060), but this one is a 5.1 setup (no atmos speakers) so I normally decode on this rig. Switching to Bitstreaming to test, this rig (with the LG OLED) is better behaved as the drops out are only about 1 sec (about 4 of them in this opening sequence). At least playback does not stall.

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I’ve just had a look at the Max Bit Rates (reported by Media Info) on about 70 Atmos discs that I have. The only 3 above 10 Mb/s that I have are the ones mentioned. I did find that “X-Men: Apocalypse” UHD is reported as exactly 10 Mb/s but I’ve not (yet) tested that disc for drop outs. Edit - making my son watch it now :slight_smile: it’s a hard life!
Edit 2 - No issues with this disc


well there seems to be a common pattern at least. hendrick’s responses aren’t yet encouraging

would be interesting to see what the kodi devs think. i haven’t tried this with kodi yet but can download and install the latest and see what happens.


I am seeing Atmos dropouts on Maze Runner as well. I guess I can add this to Pirates and Gaurdians as a troubled title. I submitted that ticket to the Exo Player group months ago, but it seems to have stagnated. I know when I brought the issue up over at Kodi they didn’t have much to say on the issue either. I can only surmise that this isn’t a big enough issue for any of the devs to care about… yet. I doubt Maze Runner will be the last title with a high bitrate Atmos track.


I’m also wondering if there is some way of reducing the 10sec drop out time I get down to the “blip” others are reporting while we wait… Maybe a HD Fury type device to keep (what I assume) is seen as an EDID change at these points.


The Dune Pro 4k handles these fine by the way.

It has other problems but it can cope with these high bitrate atmos tracks.


Good to know. Thanks for the information.


off topic but what other problems? i was looking at the latest dune offerings. are they already out?


No forced sub support which is a biggie for me. Occasional weird glitch/skip while watching UHD remuxes. Only saw it once so far but it’s been reported over at avs. Thor Ragnarok drops video and display resyncs at 1:55. Same issue as on similarly specced Zidoo (although it completely crashes the player there). Overall very good picture quality and Dune has a very good reputation when it comes to firmware updates and bug fixes so give it a few months and it should be a solid player.


it looks like a nice box but i wish it had multichannel analog out as the DAC they use is quite capable of it.


I’m not sure how you release a box in 2018 with this UI. :face_vomiting:


Does the Dune have a Plex client that direct plays uhd hdr and bitstreams the immersive audio? Either an official one or at least one that looks and navigates decent?

I’m thinking of one of these over my Oppo for local network playback.


Some casual googling says “no”, not a true plex client. but plex server provides a DLNA service and I would suspect Dune can tap into that.

Dune has never had a great UI from what I can tell.

I would have been tempted by the hardware had they really made those DACs shine with multi-channel analog out, but alas no.

I’m sticking with my HTPC + JRiver for the main media center room; rest of house is Plex (Apple TV, nVidia Shield), where the rendering devices - video and audio are not on the same level as the media center.


According to this review " ". since the move to Android this version now supports Kodi if you like that better and the latest firmware update now supports Google Play. The thing for me is I don’t like to use anything that does transcoding. I looking for something right now if there is something better I would very much like to hear about it. For me to see and hear a video, TV Show or Movie in it’s best format, like I had a Disc in my player. Right now I’m using my Oppo as a streamer and I think it streams fro my NAS just great.


i used the oppo, but it now enforces Cinavia when streaming. HDMI input does not, but streaming does, regardless of container.


The Oppo has never refused to play anything streamed from my NAS. I’ve never seen a problem. I’m not sure what we can discuss about ripping here, but could that be the difference?


Only the Oppo 203/205 will detect Cinavia across more playback vectors (Disc, streaming, USB, DLNA). However if you play into the HDMI input, it’s not enforced there.

The 103/105 remains only from disc.


I have a Oppo 203 and I’ve had no problems playing Movies from my NAS with a SAMBA network connection. Knock on wood it continues that way. Can’t explain why but I hope nothing changes for me.


I have the UDP-203 and it doesn’t detect Cinavia if you rip the disc into an MKV. I haven’t tried a BDMW folder but I’m betting it does detect it.
I remember at the begining on December 2016 it had Cinavia detection on every source including MKV. It was very frustrating for users with a big movie collection streammed from a NAS.

On the Atmos drop outs I must confess I’ve only experienced those in Disney tittles but I updated my Oppo UDP-203 and watched my rips of Thor Ragnarok and GOG2 and not a single drop out. I have to try with Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars to verify. Haven’t got more Disney titles but a friend has got Cars 3, he tried ripping it with DeUHD and MAKEMKV and he says the rip was unwatchable due to the drop outs, he had to stick with the disc.