ATMOS Audio Drop Outs - Details thread

People dont seem to concerned especially on the nvidia forum, not many people seem to know or are bothered by this. I tried to bring it up but it seemed to be confused with other audio issues people are having. I even see a hotfix for 2017 shields today for hd audio dropouts, i highly doubt its for this issue though.

Someone asked about it on the kodi forum awhile back and a developer said no one is looking at this.

All we can do is make this issue known as much as we can.

I will re-check Pirates on the latest JRiver MC. Last time it was solved but perhaps an edge case remains. If you can send me the time to check will do so.

Remember MC uses LAV; not sure what Plex or Emby use, but certain not LAV filters

I am pleased to report that the latest hotfix for the ShieldTV fixes the audio dropouts for any player using the native Android player (i.e. Plex). I am beyond happy that this has finally been solved with a standalone device.

Is it a beta hot fix you have to sign up for? And the 2017 shield or 2019?

I did post the open source fixes discussed here on github on the shield forum and provided the link to an employee after someone else asked about it, and the staff members response was someone in the open source world needs to find a fix not us.

Also you said native android player, in plex is that the same thing as the new player?

The beta image ( is available for all ShieldTVs.

Plex does use the native Android core player for both the original and new player.

Thanks, anxiously waiting to test this, in all honesty this was the only issue i had with the shield, this really now is a great player for local media playback if that issue is fixed. And the fact plex also outputs native resolution now makes this my favorite machine maybe ever for local media.