ATMOS Audio Drop Outs - Details thread


According to this review " ". since the move to Android this version now supports Kodi if you like that better and the latest firmware update now supports Google Play. The thing for me is I don’t like to use anything that does transcoding. I looking for something right now if there is something better I would very much like to hear about it. For me to see and hear a video, TV Show or Movie in it’s best format, like I had a Disc in my player. Right now I’m using my Oppo as a streamer and I think it streams fro my NAS just great.


i used the oppo, but it now enforces Cinavia when streaming. HDMI input does not, but streaming does, regardless of container.


The Oppo has never refused to play anything streamed from my NAS. I’ve never seen a problem. I’m not sure what we can discuss about ripping here, but could that be the difference?


Only the Oppo 203/205 will detect Cinavia across more playback vectors (Disc, streaming, USB, DLNA). However if you play into the HDMI input, it’s not enforced there.

The 103/105 remains only from disc.


I have a Oppo 203 and I’ve had no problems playing Movies from my NAS with a SAMBA network connection. Knock on wood it continues that way. Can’t explain why but I hope nothing changes for me.


I have the UDP-203 and it doesn’t detect Cinavia if you rip the disc into an MKV. I haven’t tried a BDMW folder but I’m betting it does detect it.
I remember at the begining on December 2016 it had Cinavia detection on every source including MKV. It was very frustrating for users with a big movie collection streammed from a NAS.

On the Atmos drop outs I must confess I’ve only experienced those in Disney tittles but I updated my Oppo UDP-203 and watched my rips of Thor Ragnarok and GOG2 and not a single drop out. I have to try with Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars to verify. Haven’t got more Disney titles but a friend has got Cars 3, he tried ripping it with DeUHD and MAKEMKV and he says the rip was unwatchable due to the drop outs, he had to stick with the disc.


Most of my rips are to m2ts and the Oppo plays all. No Cinavia problems. Also I have one movie that has some Atmos drop outs and that’s a MKV of Batwatch that someone else did. I seen some MKV movies that had problems with Atmos but that was early on and with the newer version of MKVToolkit I haven’t seen it for a while.


Are you sure the m2ts file has Cinavia? Studios have given up for it now, so the recent releases from 2017 to present day there’s a 90% chance they don’t have it. However if you play a Lionsgate/Universal/Sony Title from 2016 such as The Magnificent Seven or Hunger Games Mockingjay 2 that has Cinavia. I did try those with a BDMW folder back a while ago but I’ve updated like 3 firmware since then.

Haven’t tried Baywatch, I have that one ripped but haven’t even watched it yet. However luckily if the drop out is exclusively from the UHD-BD, you can mux the 1080p BD Audio since it’s the same Atmos track, maybe it’s worth a try.


I have both those movies and they are playable, but they have been re-encoded video to reduce the file size with un-touched or passthrough audio and subs. Over the years I have used DVDFab, Passkey 9 or MakeMKV. DVDFab has reported Cinavia at times but I’ve never had a problem.


FYI from Hendrik/Nevcairel (LAV Author)

So far we have confirmed the issue with the following, but are there any other examples?

  • “Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales” - Max Bit rate is 11.9 Mb/s : eg drops out a couple of times between 17:45 and 19:00 minutes into the movie
  • “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol II” - Max Bit rate is 11.3 Mb/s: eg drops out at 1:09:24 where TaserFace gets killed is one example.
  • “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” - Max Bit rate is 12.1 Mb/s: eg Right at the beginning of the Main Title when the 20th Century clip is running. Drops outs so frequent that playback can actually stall


For those who use LAV filters, there is a test version out you can try now:

I’ll be trying this either later tonight or tomorrow (likely) with JRiver MC 24.



Looks good so far! I’ve done some testing and left feedback at GitHub. Results look good for file playback (but issues with BD Menu based playback).


Changes are now in the Latest LAV Nightly -

Looks good on file playback. I’m seeing issues with some discs using BD Menu playback but that seems to be another issues (maybe in MC).


Rebuilt my HTPC just so I could try the ‘fix’. So far it seems to work like a charm. I really hope this propagates to Kodi and Android’s ExoPlayer (or at the very least the custom ExoPlayer Plex uses).


well the code is out there and open source so there is hope

what did you test with?


Yup looks good, and Hendrik as found and fixed a separate bug (it was in MC not LAV) with Maze Runner doing funny stuff when bitstreaming ATMOS when in BD Menu Mode.

Now that the Bitstreaming High Bit Rate TrueHD (aka ATMOS) fix is in LAV Nightly I’m sure other devs will pick it up and push to their players. Good on Hendrik for looking at this (he rewrote the module), as while it is only 3 discs so far, it was getting a pain to segregate these out.


I am running MPC-HC as an external player with madVR and the latest LAV nightly under Plex for Kodi. Haven’t experienced any audio dropouts thus far. Props to Hendrik for sorting this out. Can’t wait to see more players fixed.


if i recall we can just unzip the LAV package over what Mc installs in the plugins folder, correct?


Yup that is correct


done and working well