ATMOS Audio Drop Outs - Details thread

Confirmed the fix here as well. Thanks for pushing it with Hendrik!

Guess I am going to have to fire up the 'ol HTPC and give it a shot. Thanks to Hendrik and @jmone1 for working the problem.

@jmone1, how did you apply the nightly release? did you install LAV or use a tool to expand the installer to files and just copy the DLLs and such into the appropriate JRiver MC plugins folder?

and if so, any post steps from there?

The “cleanest” way is

  • Download latestLAV Nightly
  • use innounp to unpack the the EXE (eg innounp -x lavfiltersXYZ.exe)
  • copy the contents of the x64 (or x32) depending on your MC Installed Version to the plugin directory eg C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\J River\Media Center 25\Plugins\lav64

Good to go. Slack way (that I’ve used many times) is to install LAV and copy the files from the install to the plug in directory

thanks. i jumped over to doom9 and saw your posts and others over there stating same.

hopefully MC 25 incorporates.

(removed opinion re: MC24)

I was trying to watch Toy Story 4 Yesterday and once again the audio dropouts made it hard. There were instances where it didn’t even return and I had to rewind a bit before. I got frustrated and popped in the actual disc. So annoying that Disney has this issues, now since Foxs acquisition Alita and Dark Phoenix also have some dropouts.

What device are you playing them back on?

Thanks for separating this into the correct thread, I almost forgot there was a dedicated one.
I play everything from my Oppo 203 and a Marantz SR7011. Playback is through network from my PC (ripped copy), although I tried via USB and I got the same results. The only decent playback was from the original disc.

I’ve had no issue with Alita. I do have Dark Phoenix and not watched it yet. Don’t have TS4.

Do you have any time codes for the drop outs?

You are using JRiver, right?

Yup JRiver to a 7.2.4 AVR, but also have an XBox One S on the same setup where I can spin up the discs themselves if needed.

So JRiver has sorted out the audio dropouts then? Is this even the case with some of the more troublesome titles like Pirates of the Carribean?

Yup, no issues with drop outs for ages. Hendrik aka Nevcairel is not only the dev for LAV but also JRiver.

He also gave us (optional) BD Menu support. Couple that with madVR processing including HDR tone mapping and I’m as happy as a pig in …

It’s been a very long while since I’ve used JRiver. How do you control it in a living room setting? Does it have a 10ft interface?

It’s 10ft interface is called TheaterView and I control it with Logitech RC. If you are going to look at MC again, it may be worth either starting a seperate thread on how to config MC to get the best from UHD playback as there are a few options you will want to use and it depends on what your AVR/Speaker/Display setup is.

Theater View to this day is very nice,

i use my Harmony One remote to control it coupled with flirc.

Setting up media center is not easy but once you get it dialed in it is excellent.

regarding audio dropouts: forget who but recently someone posted it is still a problem with disney titles, eg The Incredibles 2 was cited. this was after the last lav patching by Hendrik.

i’ve not had time to check into it yet

Incredibles 2 is also fixed after Hendrik did more tweaks (months ago now). I’ve not had an issue since then.

yup - watched it and i did not hear drop outs. to be fair i dozed off for 10 mins :wink:

hey do you know if Hendrik is still tweaking full menu playback, or is he just linking to the libbluray dll? i have a few recent where it had some glitches. able to work around and it is damn near perfect.

i’m setting up some smaller htpc clients now for the other two sets. brought an old mac mini out of retirement and put windows on it. it’s an old intel gpu and believe it or not it plays 3D perfectly on my Plasma 1080p set. can’t handle 4K at all, but it’s not a 4K set and i rip all the 1080p discs anyway… that was just a test. going to go nuc for those other tv sets.

for streaming i am dumping to mkv in a re-encode. these are better for travel, esp international where speed is more of an issue

Hendrik was on the libbluray git pushing changes about 6mths ago but prior to that it was his own changes I “presume” that the changes he made ended up back in the main code but I really don’t know. I did ask him a few months ago if updates in libbluray were making it back into MC’s version but I did not get an answer and I did not push him. I’ve not seen any issues with the Menus, but if you have it may be worth posting on JRiver forum.