Atlantic: Digital music sales overtake CDs



I just posted the article Atlantic: Digital music sales overtake CDs.

Atlantic Records publicly revealed that digital music sales have finally surpassed CDs, with more than 50 percent of music sales now coming from online music downloads.
Atlantic, a Warner Music…

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“Information gathered by Forrester Research indicates U.S. music sales in 2013 will be valued at just $9.2 billion, with the number dropping from $10.1 billion in 2008. In 1999, music sales were worth $14.6 billion, the RIAA said.”

Well if you sell crap, what do you expect? If they didn’t “focus” on mainly teenagers and early 20 year olds, they might actually make some money. I don’t know how people I know that love classic rock. How about doing that? Or even the metal that was back in the 80’s? I can’t stand todays music. It comes off artificial, fake, and the lyrics just suck.


Don’t young people buy music? I’d be curious to see who is buying what kind of music today, as I agree that a lot of today’s music is just nothing but pop garbage. (But you must remember that pop music is what is played on radios, and there are enough people out there who actually enjoy it.)

As the record labels continue expanding their revenue streams – using services such as ringtones – they are focusing on younger people, who apparently are more willing to spend money on this music.

Look forward to hearing which record labels will be next to announce digital music sales have overtaken physical media sales.


I suspect that to get more than 50% of digital sales that CD sales at Atlantic have tanked over the past year.


Personally I am looking forward to the death of music corporations.


Ask yourself this: how many files from your 1986 Apple computer can you still access? I’m not ready to jump on the phyiscal-media-is-dead bandwagon quite yet. Last year, legitimate experts also predicted that we’d never again see gasoline prices below $2 and look how that turned out. CDs are far superior for quality sound and archiving and I think the recession is going to turn a lot of predictions upside down. People might indeed be looking for products that are long-lasting and durable and little mp3 files have yet to prove they are either.