how do you get round the ATIP protection without doing the hide cdr thing????



put it in a regular cd-rom/dvd-rom drive.

THAT EASY!!! LOL :slight_smile:


is that the only option i have?? is there anyway i can remove the
ATIP from the original cd before making a copy of it??



ATIP is all over your cd-recordable, your writer needs this info in order to determine what speed it can burn the recordable, where the laser is while writing, etc. If you want to remove it, you have to remove the whole of the dye or remove the reflective layer… Of course you won’t be able to read the cd anymore because you just destroyed it… :stuck_out_tongue:

ATIP is something writers need. Readers don’t need ATIP so they don’t support it… just put your cd-r backup in a cd-rom/dvd reader or use the ‘hide-cdr’ option.


OK thank you…
is there a setting in windows that will allow me to hide cdr? or do i need to use clone cd to hide cdr media?


You need a special program like the ‘hide cdr’ option from CloneCD, Windows has nothing on board.