ATIP Protection

Hi everybody!
Does ATIP exist only on CD burners or other devices as well? Because I want to buy a Pioneer DVD-Rom (model 116 if not mistaken) to pair it with my Plextor and kind of confused.
Thanks for the help.


Every CD-R has important info on the disc itself which is called ATIP or pre-groove. Without this data/info the CD-R cannot be used by a writer. The ATIP contains the following info:

[ul][li]The capacity of the CD-R
[/li][li]The manufacturer of the CD-R
[/li][li]The type of the CD-R (eg. Audio only)
[/li][li]Supported writing speeds
[/li][li]Absolute lead-in time
[/li][li]Last possible address where data can be written
[/li][li]etc…[/ul]Only a CD-Writer can read the ATIP (because like I said before this ATP is only needed when writing a CD-R). The ATIP protection is based on this fact: when the game starts it checks if there’s is ATIP info present: if so then it will presume it’s a CD-R disc and will not play. However a normal CD-ROM cannot read this ATIP and will of course ‘say’ that this data is not present: thus the copy will work…

Thanks for the reply, it is really interesting.


Your explanation was detailed but yet simple to understand. Thankx!