ATIP, Lead-in, Lead-out, plz Help


By advance sorry for my english, because i am french :slight_smile:

I need help to understand where are data on a CD-R ?

I mean physicaly ???

Is ATIP first, then Lead-in, data, Lead-out (for a CD-R Form 1)

I don’t know where is ATIP …

|Sync|Header|data|EDC|blank|ECC||Sync|… |

Is this scheme is true ???
Plz i realy need to understand what is the logical structure of data on a Physical CD-R (eg : spîral)

Where is the TOC inside the scheme ???

Thanks for your help !

I hope you will find everything you need.

Thks but i think that CDfreaks articles are deeper …

but some interesting informations are there

Well, I still have to find my way around on I hope to learn a lot here. BTW, where can I find this kind of information on cdfreaks?


there is a lot of information on here. There is a button up on the upper right corner that says search.

Seriously if you have a question please feel free to search first because somebody might have already answered it first,
Then post it if you dont get a answer from the search.

Ok, I see. Tnx for the tip btw.