Hi! I’ve just bought a burner and I would like to know if there is anyway I can read the ATIP from cds in windows ME? CDRIdentifier says that my ASPI layer is outdated. It provides a link to Adaptec’s site but it is clearly stated there that the new ASPI should not be installed in WinME.

Does Nero have an inbuilt ATIP reader?


I don’t know about CD-R Identifier but I can tell you that all writing programs have a ATIP-reader as you call it. Since the ATIP holds info on the max writing speed of the disc, type, size, etc. a burning application will check this before writing to a disc so it ‘knows’ what it’s dealing with.

Thanks for the reply! So, is there any way to check who the disc manufacturer is through Nero? I’m new to the software.

go to nero toolkit and select nero cdspeed
go to exrtra then overburning test
it will tell you the cds manufacturer

Thanks a lot for your help! :slight_smile: