ATIP Confusion



OK, so I kknow what ATIP is and that some readers and DVD Roms have it and some don’t. I also know that almost every single burner has it. Is there a way to check if your cd-rom/dvd-rom/cd-rw reads ATIP info. Any small program out there that can do this. I just made a successful backup of Age of Mythology which I think might be 1:1 or close to it. It was made with a Lite-on 2 sheep burner (LITEON LTR-52246S). It gives me an error message to inser orignal disc1 when trying to run off of the burner, however it runs fine off of my generic 52x cd-rom and my toshiba dvd-rom sd-m1212. Of course this is all with no clonecdtray enabled and no hide-cdr media turned on. Is is safe to assume my non-burner drives don’t read ATIP? I think in the past some SD protected games gave me error messages in these by prompting me for the original cd. I am not sure if that was because they were burned with AWS option in my old zero sheep burner. Or if the outside influence of my 52x cd-rom being attached to a Promise controller to expnad my ide channels contributes to any bug in SD or ATIP not being properly reported back. Any ideas anyone. And does anyone know if such a program exists.


I guess this one stumped everyone!!!


only burners have ATIP i suggest u read some of the FAQ’S


I think you need to read more than the FAQ gouki_akuma, readers ALSO have ATIP, not just burners. I suggest you do a search, I was hoping someone with more vast knowledge in the field could provide me with some info.


only a burner/writer can read the atip not a cdrom or dvdrom drive thats why you dont need hide cdr media with regular cdrom/dvdrom, thats whats explained in the links i posted


Here’s the deal: all burners have to read the ATIP or they can’t burn effectively. Some old, non-compliant burners never read the ATIP but this is just for interests sake and is of no further concern.

Nearly all CD/DVD-ROMs can read the ATIP but not in the way required by the protection.

If you need Hide CD-R Media in the CD/DVD-ROM then you have an emulated copy or you are dealing with a bug in the protection. Burn again to get a proper backup.