ATIP 97m35s44f

which CD-R manufacturer had used ATIP 97m35s44f?

According to InstantInfo (, 6 discs were found using that ATIP, how correct this is though I have no clue:

“Burn Me” 74min CDR
"EZ Data" 74min CDR
"Mix" 74min CDR (2 entries)

And a couple just entered as “generic”. I believe the manufacturer is unknown, unless dakhaas can shed some light.

Google is my friend :flower:

sometimes :bigsmile: (not in this case)

LOL probably not, which is why I said I dunno how correct that is :wink:

Anyway, what’s the disc brand you have with that ATIP? You certainly get a lot of obscure stuff judging from your posts in the Tests forums :wink:

I am a fan of obscure media :stuck_out_tongue:
Medium with that ATIP is branded “Mega Multispeed”…

A while ago I found a very useful document with a list of CD-R ATIP manufacturer codes
On, by the way. That’s really strange they don’t put the link to that document to some easy-to-find place. Or maybe I’m too blind :eek: lol
According to that document, 97m35s44f is a reserved code and shouldn’t be used. (So maybe a disc with this code should be called a [I]truly[/I] obscure one :bigsmile: )

thanks :clap:
I have a several media with another reserved or test ATIP codes :doh:

97m35s44f is a reserved ATIP code.
However it was abused by some smaller european manufacturers.

could you write some examples, please? :bow:

I knew you’d see this eventually :clap: :bigsmile:

Thanks for your posts :clap:
I need also some informations about ATIP 97m18s16f. I have never heard about such code, but a friend of mine have got a mini CD-R (34:12.00/300 MB) with this ATIP…

97m18s16f = Wealth Fair Investment.
Probably Nikon technology based stamper.
See also
Which have the more wide spread 97m18s15f version.
Could you fix me the write strategy number of that 300 mb disc ?

Quite rare media that is !!!
Also software should be able to identify that MID if not then cd-r atip identifiers are even worse as I thought.
Maybe time to fix it ???

Can’t promise anything on the 97m35s44f one for now.

I didn’t know that Nikon made optical discs…

I already guessed that it was somewhat overlength as 8 cm discs are usually 185 MB (~ 650 MB) or 210 MB (~ 700 MB). But a relationship to GD-ROM? :confused:

Nikon only seems to be involved with the stamper production.

Thanks for your informations. Unfortunately I am unable to buy or borrow this CD again so I can’t provide tests or more informations :frowning:
According to friend of mine none of available CD-R identifiers couldn’t identify that ATIP…

but last time I’ve talked with him, this CD was almost unreadable…

What is “HD Recordable”?

^ do you mean HD-Burn? IIRC that was a Sanyo tehcnology that only some burners could do? Allowed those burners to record 1.4gb on regular CDR media.

Here it is;

HD-BURN is similar if not closely related to Plextor’s GigaRec.
The disc claims to be a “HD Recordable”, I guess it means High Density because it can’t be High Definition.

Hmm interesting. Even if it’s barely readable.

Yesterday I spend some time on my old cd-r atip database. It’s still far off completed.