Ati x700pro or x850xt what would yo get

i can get the ati x700pro for $75cdn and the x850xt for $550cdn i can’t make up my mind. is the x700pro good for counter strike thats all i play :slight_smile:

what would you get(money is a issue but i can still get the x850xt but i’ll be broke after) is there a big difference in counter strike between the 2 cards.
thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

If CS is all you play then why even bring up this question?
Almost any ATI card runs CS well.

Which to get Nvidia Geforce4 MX400 or 6800 Ultra’s SLI…
Is the Geforce MX400 good for Quake, which is all I play? :rolleyes:

The obvious answer is… if they both play it well, then pick the one that dosen’t make you go broke. :rolleyes:

The X700 will play great with the game you mentioned. If you buy the the 850 XT it would be overkill. I bought a ATI 9800XT 256 mb last spring for around $600.00 and by the very nature of computers this card is “OLD” and I have to go spend another $600.00 to upgrade, so the cheapest one that gets the job done is the best bet. that way an upgrade in the future won’t cost you double. IMO. :slight_smile:

The price point at the moment is the X800 XL. That will give you really good performance for a good price, and you won’t be needing to update it for a couple of years.

It will kick the teeth out of the x700 and is only a little bit behind the x850 at a much better price.

i know what your say’n but $75cdn seems like a good deal for a new x700pro 256 pci card (thats like $50us). i’m still think’n about it. is the x700pro better then the 9800’s. i read some reviews and it seems like it but the 9800 are way more expensive whats up with that.

If all he wants is a caard that plays CS then it dosen’t matter now, does it?

True. the x700 will play cs without a problem and it is slightly better than the 9800, which I use on CS:S and it runs fine. At that money it sounds pretty good.

Just didn’t want you to spend all that money on the x850 when the x800xl is so good.

Anyway if you see the name BreadonArrival flash across the screen in counterstrike, DONT SHOOT! :slight_smile: