Ati video card

I want to convert some vhs tapes to dvd. Converting and recording to dvd is no problem but I don’t know how to get the vhs tapes onto my pc in some format such as avi for example. I have ATI Hydravision and ATI multimedia centre software and I have a RADEON 9700/9500 series display adapter. I have also tried Moviemill software but when I enter setup, capture device says no devices found. I think the problem is a hardware one ( although the ATI package that came with the pc gave me all different types of s-video and rca leads and adapters which plug into the pc) so basically can I use what I have or do I need to purchase a different video card

try using nerovision express (part of nero 6) , also are you sure its properly connected, did ati not provide you with any video capture software, if so i suggest using that and then editing it in something else, have you tried phoning the ati helpline?

Hi the software I got only plays media there is no record button on the display so I presume you can’t use it to capture video. I cant use nero because I already use Stomp Recordnow to burn my dvds and it conflicts with nero.
I haven’t contacted ati yet I wanted to make sure that the hardware I had was suitable for the job first. (i.e the RADEON 9700/9500 series display adaptor)


@ elna
Consult witht the manual to determine whether your card is a VIVO (Video In/Video Out) model or not. If not you need to get a capture card which costs around 50 bucks.

For ATI, you need the All in Wonder Radeon. This card includes the capture. If you do have the AIW, check out There are easy to follow directions for using Media Center to capture your VHS.

There’s a difference between VIVO and AIW.