ATI updates All-in-Wonder card with X800 chip



Markham (ON) - ATI today announced a new version of its All-in-Wonder (AiW) TV tuner. The new AiW X800 XL card is based on the current X800 chip generation and delivers the graphics performance of an X800 XL graphics card while bringing back support for Microsoft’s Windows Media Center Edition operating system, ATI said.

14 months after the launch of the X800 chip, ATI is ready to sell its traditional AiW product equipped with the graphics engine. The PCI Express-based AiW X800 XL integrates a 400 MHz core (R430) and 256 MByte of 490 MHz GDDR3 memory. Besides the hardware upgrade, that is promised to bring a graphics performance similar to an X800 XL card, ATI made a substantial change of strategy marketing its AiW cards.

Source: TomsHardware