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I’m new here and I hope somebody can help me.
My english is not perfect, sorry :o
I have Windows XP, All in Wonder 128 Pro AGP, ATI Version 7.1, Nero 6
I can watch and record TV shows direct on my PC. But I’m not sure, when I record it, should I record it as a MPEG 1 or MEG 2 or AVI File? I tried to record as a AVI File, but the video was really bad. Even it was bad, I tried to burn the avi with Nero. But I couldn’t. Do I need to convert the AVI in a different file?
So far the best was MPEG1. But if I record it in MPEG1 and the show is 2 hours long, the video and audio didn’t match the last 45 minutes.

Thanks Lion

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you plan to burn your files on a dvd to play them on a standalone, the best option is to record directly in mpeg-2. Then you need a dvd authoring software to convert mpeg files to vob. Neroexpress should be able to do this (I’m not sure) and also to create menus.

If you record in avi, you need to convert avi in mpeg-2 and then mpeg-2 in vob, and this double conversion reduce further video quality. So the best option is to record directly in mpeg-2.

Hi Geno

Thanks for your help. I will try to record in MPEG2 and will let you know, how it went.
Just one more question. What dvd authoring software should I use? In case Nero doesn’t work.


I know that tmpgenc dvd author is a good one, but too bad is not free :frowning:

You can find it here

I just recorded for a couple minutes in MPEG2 and the video and audio was really bad. I recorded it with following settings:
Video 720 x 480 NTSC C525 8.00Bit/Second
Audio 44.100 KHz 16 bit stereo
It’s said that would be the best setting for a dvd. But it was really bad

What software are you using to do recordings? Maybe it’s a problem software-related. Have you tryied virtualdub?

I record with ATI TV.
What is virtualdub??

Take a look here.

Virtualdub have an acquiring tool too; maybe it give you better results. Give it a try: it’s free and don’t require installation (simply unzip all files and run it).

thanks. I will try it. I’ll let you know

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Lion1964 You could try using [B]StreamBox VCR [/B]or[B] Virtual VCR[/B] both are [B]free[/B] and you can find them with Google, also you might be having driver or Codec conflict, and it’s best to start of with lower settings and slowly work your way up :slight_smile:

I think I know what the problem is. But I don’t know how to fix it.
I recorded earlier mpeg 2. The properties on this file tells me it is a mpeg audio file. and not a mpeg movie file.
i’m at the point to give up. But I need to fix it, because I need to send TV Shows on DVD’s to Afghanistan. I been surfing around, including ATI website, but I don’t find any tips about it