ATI tv wonder pro

is anyone using ati tv wonder pro, mine was doing fine ,then i went to turn it down by the puter speakers and the volume stopped. i check the puter and its fine all the sound works fine and now when i start ati tv wonder the sound is there for a spilt second and its gone , anyone got any ideas


I think something like the default speaker setup. Did you check your manuals?

no sorry i tryed to find it but i cant , i can i get one from the net ???

Perhaps at

What is your operating system?

xp home , like i said it comes for a split second and its gone , every time i open up the program …

thanks for helping

Try for the latest drivers, program updates and perhaps a manual.

i dont think its drivers , it was working fine then all at once it stopped
i say its the card

If you say so, it’s your card. :slight_smile:

Clean the pins and reseat the card.