ATi TV Wonder 2.0 USB Question

Hello All,

I am wondering if anyone can offer any suggestions, or letting me know if I am on the right/wrong track.

I have an ATi TV Wonder USB 2.0 card.

I would like to use it to convert my existing VHS tapes to DVD.

Is there anything special I should do to ensure the best quality, or specific software/tools which would allow me to to do it quick and easy.

I currently only have Nero right now.

I apprecaite anyone’s thoughts/advice!


What software came with your TV Wonder?

just the basic ATi package

I don’t know what software came with your card, but if it came with a capture software, and it works, use it. If you aren’t happy with it, try virtualvcr, or huffyuv. You will then need a good authoring and editing software. You can get some decent all in ones such as ulead studio 9 or 10, or dvd movie factory. Just make sure to read some reviews in the forum before you decide. You can find free individual softwares, all in one packages, and everything from free, up to thousands of dollars. It all depends on what end result/quality you are after. If you are after very high quality, look into adobe premiere, or vegas studio. There is a lot of information available at

Nero Vision should work fine with it (part of Nero). Choose make dvd -> dvd video then use the following option below and choose your ati card as the input device. then play your tape and then hit the record button. After your done you can edit it etc. then output it to DVD.


You know i used nerovision many times to capture VHS and then transcoded the file to DVD… have you ever noticed that if there is a “blank spot” on the VHS tape (momentary “blue screen” where the homevideo was stopped and then restarted) that nerovision will stop capturing the video stream and wait for you to manually restart the capture? is there any way around this, its a real pain in the ass to have to sit through the entire capture of the vhs tape?
any ideas? :confused:

No sorry I did not notice this, my comment was really directed at the original poster of this thread. what version of vision are you using?

Im running : ver.

I still cant find a way to configure Vid. capture so it wont halt capturing when it no longer senses a signal (blue screen / snow on VHS tape)

Maybe you should try it with VirtualDub.

Thank you all

I will give Nero/Virtual dub a try!

how do i config my vcr to my computer so i can record video tapes?im using this ati tv wonder usb 2.0 and it seems to be very good.i have xp on a dell
demension 1100 but i just need to config it between my computer and vcr.
any suggestions?thanks


Didn’t your TV Wonder come with instructions???

Your instructions should show you exactly how to hook it up, and how to capture. You have to connect your VCR to your TV Wonder using S-Video, or Composite/Component cables, and make sure you set your capture settings correctly, start your vcr tape playing, and click the capture button on the screen.