ATI to demo H.264 decoding - HD-DVD and Blu-ray video to go



I just posted the article ATI to demo H.264 decoding - HD-DVD and Blu-ray video to go.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that he spotted news showing us that ATI has developed a High Def hardware acceleration device for the H.264 codec. Here we have posted…

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What exactly does this mean? They’ve developed an independant chip to handle everything that will be added to some video cards and licensed to companies looking for HD playback support? Or they’ve added support for this in their video cards?


I don’t know about any independant chip, but it is my understanding on the little I have been able to read, that this will be a feature of the upcoming Radeon card called the R520. So they apparently intend to add hardware acceleration support in that card. I sure would like to see the Demo! :slight_smile:


As far as I know the next ATI cards (chip R520) will not be called Radeon anymore… I believe they will be called Xavion… but I am not sure… I think I read this on hardware-mag some day…


PR release. My P4+nVidia plays H264 just fine w/o any hardware acceleration.


It basicially means your blu-ray or HD-DVD player is going to need a pretty hefty processor! The players are gonna be stupidly expensive at the start!


It means that radeons 9500 and up will be able to take some processing power out of the CPU thanks to some new drivers they’ll some day release. The same goes for wmv acceleration. ATi supports it, and now Microsoft has taken out a patch for Windows Media Player 10 to support it :wink:


Keep in mind what we don’t have now in current video cards: proper video out options so that we can connect to our HDTV compatible monitors. Down the line, I hope to see a built-in ATSC turners for OTA High Def, an all-in-one type card. Edit: Deleted spam links
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Does this mean also recording (capturing) video by using h264 (with an ATI “HDTV Wonder” tuner card)? it could be awesome! Or is it just the ability to decode a file that is already encoded with the h264 codec?


Just as the article’s title states, this is about decoding H.264 not encoding it. Also, your P4+nVidia may play H.264 “just fine”, but it does take considerable toll on the processor. Hardware decoding is usually better, because it’s higher quality and takes the burden off your processor completely.
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Thanks for the clarification, Kashim. Well - I guess that I wrote that only because it was just some kind of wishful thinking… (as I said: it could be awesome…)