ATI RAGE 128 Pro Windows XP driver


I reinstalled Win XP Pro on a friends old pc, the problem is that I cannot seem to find the appropriate driver for his ATI RAGE 128 PRO AGP 4x video card.

I tried downloading the driver from ATI directly here:
but when I try and install, they give me an error saying the driver is not compatible.

Also, the video card came with the computer from dell but the driver offered on their site is only for win2000 (which I thought was compatible) and gives me the same “driver not compatible” error.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You must know the part number on the card, and what size(how many MB).

You probably need to add “Dell specific” dev IDs to ATi’s driver, download Dell’s driver and compare the inf file to ATi’s one and add missing IDs.

Problem solved, Windows installed the driver through windows update.

Thanks for your suggestions guys :slight_smile: