Ati Radeon

I cannt get my radeon tv out to work. I have tried everything and still no joy according to P.C. the tv is not connected I’ve tried s-video and phono jacks. I’ve tried all connections. It is a new graphics card is it possible it could be faulty. The card is a ATI Radeon 32mb ve with tv out (crap card i know but its for second pc and ive got a tight buget). What is the latest drivers for card and do same drivers work on all cards.

It is possible it may be the connector or the card. I had the Radeon All in Wonder and even with the computer off, if I disconnected the monitor and connected it to a TV, it would “know”. When I turned on my computer everything would show up on the TV.

Did you check the tv button at display–>advanced settings?The Radeon should have a tab at advanced display settings with a monitor,a tv and a flatscreen monitor to choose from…are they displayed?


I am familiar with that tab. However, I didn’t even have to do that.
The profile on that tab was set just to monitor. I powered down, disconnected the monitor and connected an RCA cable to the “video out” dongle and the other end to the “video in” on my TV. As I said before, when I powered on, everything showed up on the TV

Finally got it working using AV port to scart. So im wondering why s-video doesn’t work. Im just glad its now working. I will only be playing avi,mpeg and divx movies on it and the picture is excellent. Much better than SVCD conversions.
Would recommend as a great way to watch movies although desktop does look blurd.

s-vhs ,using for video-out doesn’t work with my GF 3 TI200 either…for my Radeon,it wasn’t needed,because you have plenty of connection options,but the GF3 needs a converting connection…:frowning: is a good place to learn about ATI products

I have a similar setup and play the MP3 collection through the tv. Got rid of the stereo altogether and a bit of a talking point when friends are round - would recommend a decent set of speaker and possibly an Amp if the budget allows.

The loft is now full of CD’s as well as vinyl!!