ATI radeon IGP 340m

ok guys this is not a question about cds i know :slight_smile: but it will be needed for that
if i try to convert a avi to dvd it always cost me alott of cpu i think too much :frowning:
my notebook always freeze now i ask to you guys if someone nows a update for
this video card ATI radeon IGP 340m i am searching for this alott of time but i did not found it if someone could help me i will be so thankfull :bow:

Any updates will be on the ATI site. Why do you suspect it’s the video card that’s causing the freezing?

hmm thats strange there is no update at that site for ati radeon igp 340m and someguys said i needed to go to ati website :a thnx for telling :doh:

ATI doesn’t provide drivers to anything laptop related, you’ve gotta get em through you laptop manufacturer.

It’s probably overheating (what brand is it?), you might find a “Notebook Cooler” will fix the problem.

Maxing the CPU should not cause problems for any PC, if it does then there is a cooling problem.

ATi display drivers can usually be downloaded from ATi directly. I know the mobile graphics chips can use the normal drivers with a modification that should still be available on mobile forum. I believe it also does IGP drivers as well.