ATI Radeon 8500 the fastest consumer graphics card

I just posted the article ATI Radeon 8500 the fastest consumer graphics card.

Allready without any hardware improvements the ATI Radeon is faster than it’s rival Geforce 3, eventhough Nvidia released it’s Detonator 4 driver.

Rumor is growing that we’ll see the Radeon…

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Plus better 2D image quality. only prob with ATI is they are very slow to release updated drivers.

I agree! The drivers are the most important part when it comes to graphics-cards… Maybe nVidia releases too many drivers but I’d rather have it that way than with how ATI has been in the past with its drivers… It’s like with game-consoles, they wouldn’t be anything if they didn’t have good games!

ATI AIW cards have always been great for VIO. the only prob was that 3D performance wasn’t at g-force level. maybe this will change it all.

I also hope that ATI can do better on releasing drivers… in a month or two I’m lookin for a new computer and hopefully by then it’ll be clear how ATI treats it’s customer’s demands and see how this card will perform… but I know for a fact that this card will not come cheap at all… is ATI the maker of the GameCube GPU…

GO ATI … KICK NVIDIAS ASS … i wont buy another nvidia until they lower the prices … (though i got a gf2 gts) ViRuZ

Yup much better 2D quality then nVidias. Almost Matrox level. DVD decoding is also better. Also they didn’t price he card so damn high as nVidia did. I like it a lot. Driver release frequency is just fine for me. I hate all the mess with nVidia drivers. I’m gonna buy 8500 as soon as I see it in the stores.

Why is everyone talking about Matrox having highest 2D quality. I have owned both matrox G200 and NVidia Riva 128 and to be honest I don’t see a difference - only the colour/contrast. Maybe you guys are talking about the colour matching ? Anyway, I agree, the NVidia are just way too expensive and also confusing - making too many various models.

If ATI has driver deparments like nVidia, then i would totally buy them. But if i can’t find new drivers every few weeks, i feel like they don’t care. They also need to improve their software GUI, looks like crap. I hope nVidias stocks drop now so i can get some :slight_smile:

due to a lack of cash… I’ll just stick with my reg. Radeon 64 meg DDR for a while

I think competition between the two is great for us consumers: bring prices down and forces both sides to create the best they can - ATI will have to do better driver support to compete and I think they know that. They better get a good Linux driver out cause nVidia has Linux drivers and I use Linux almost as much as Windows. I have a GeForce256 DDR that I bought when it was new and now it sucks. I am probably going to buy a 8500 cause Radeon graphics kill GeForce graphics in my opinion as I have seen the GeForce1/2 in action and also the Radeon. Go ATI!