Ati Dvd Media



I am using Ati Dvd Media with a Pioneer Writer. What do you think of ATI??


ATI does not manufacture blank DVD’s.

Use dvd identifier to find the MID code.

Where did you get these blank disks?


ATI sell dvd media? Thats new to me.

Find out the MID code with dvd identifier


New to me too. Also, I found no mention of ATI media on or ati’s website. So, either it is fake/obscure media or very new. Probably a different company than the GPU manufacturer.

godofwar752: Have you burned any of these disks successfully with your pionneer?


infomediar20 is the mid. also the supplier furnished me with their site which is


Also I have burned many with the dvd writer at 4x but some of them during playback developed split second sound and picture stillness.


A sign of cheapo media.


A sign of a poor burn, whether it’s the media, the burner, the firmware, or a combination. Not great media, but I’ve heard of fairly good results with Infome in burners that burn it well, although I think this media may have poor firmware support with some burners. So I’d say it is fair media but your particular burner may or may not burn it well.


So the firmware effects the burn?!?? How??!?


like cheap media (sth like princo is in my mind), but then again

their site which is
…my browser says “…cannot be found…” which may be a good sign that it is fake/whatever ‘china has to offer’ media.

edit: sorry, wrong conclusion. they’re from .tw. nevertheless i don’t trust this mid and what company is using a name like ATi? isn’t that one registered already?


Different firmwares for the same drive can have different writing stratigies for the same disks. Some firmware do not contain stratigies for certain MIDs, this is where many media compatablity problems occur.

If you can, pick up some better disks. Taiyo Yuden and Verbatims are considered the best, but other slightly cheaper disks produce very acceptable scans.

Check out:
Some media scans with your burner:


Latest firmware for the 110d



I am planning to use maxell and tdk. Any advises regarding


For Maxell, I prefer MIJ MAXELL002…for TDK, I’ve had the best results with MBI-made (MBIPG101 R04) - both 8x-rated +R discs…TDK’s own MIDs that I tried haven’t burned too well for me for some reason - YMMV, of course.


Edit: You might want to steer clear of Maxell-branded 8x -Rs, though - even if they say “Made in Japan”, there’s a very good chance that they’re Ritek G05, and not to be trusted.


Just backing up [B]Arachne[/B], I agree with most of her input. :iagree: (though all TDK MIDs have been nothing but excellent for me).


If those are INFOMER20 (8x DVD+R), you can try and palm them off to someone with a BenQ 1640. It will burn quite well on that drive. Infomedia is a smaller Taiwanese company. It is not related to Infodisc or Infosmart.

Your ATI-Power discs might be like the MICRON001 MIDed discs on sale here. These sound like a hardware manufacturer’s brand, but the discs are made in Thailand so I don’t think it is the same company.


Well infomedia is not bad media. (Philips approved)
However support is quite bad.

But on burners with excellent +R media support Philips/Benq infomedia disc’s can burn quite good.

You shouldn’t compare it with princo.
Princo is crap made and bad supported !


8x infomedia is supposed to be supported in the latest firmware for the Pioneer 110d, look at the changelog I posted above.


I think my problems could have been a mixture of crappy burner (the retired LiteOn in my sig) and crappy firmware! Must try some TDK MIDs with my current setup. :iagree:


What [B]Dakhaas [/B]refers to as “bad support”, the way I see it, is not the [I]absence [/I]of any strategy for the Infomedia MIDs, but a poorly/loosely implemented strategy, put differently most drive manufacturers don’t bother to try to get good results with these. They just add a loose strategy so they can declare their drives “compatible” with these MIDs.

Actually it was the same with CMC MIDs in many burners until very recently.