ATI Catalyst Control Center issues

Has any one had this one pop up? I am the Windows Administator.:confused: I have used the ATI software uninstall utility, used ccleaner after the uninstall scanned for ad aware and viruses, manually went through regedit and removed any left over ATI stuff. Every time I boot I get the message and I can’t get to my vid card settings. Spent an hour on the ATI site and found nothing.:frowning: Probably a software thing but not sure. One thing for sure is it’s driving me nuts.:a

Did you restore your image backup from another PC?
I got this “You do not have permission to change CATALYST Control Center Settings” when I restore my ghost backup from another PC and use the XP CD to repair. Once I used Regseeker to cleanup, it works (only once though) but it also cleans everything else so I need to re-enter some serials in my system.

No but but I did do a system restore because the Control Center was taking about two minutes to load on boot up. Guess I will have to give regseeker a whirl. Thanks zevia.:slight_smile:

Maybe the “beloved” [B]Net Framework[/B] needs an update?!

Thanks chef it is up to date though.:slight_smile: