ATI Catalyst 6.11 drivers looking very good - seem very Stable & Compatible

Just wanted to give folks a heads up.

Each time an ATI Catalyst driver release comes out, I test it like crazy on my systems. So far, it seems like the Catalyst 6.11 drivers are the most stable and compatible set since the 6.3 drivers.

My older titles include Virtual Pool 3, Links 2001, Links 2003, Re-Volt, Rollcage Stage II, Rallisport Challenge and Quake 3 Arena all seem to work without a hitch. More modern titles like Unreal Tournament 2004 (v 3369), Dungeon Siege and Dungeon Siege LOA (with 6xAA) and Lord of the Rings, Battle for Middle Earth II also seem to work great.

Every set from 6.4 to 6.10 had trouble with at least some of these titles, but 6.11 does not seem to, so I think they may be worth a look to other ATI owners out there.

BTW, for those that HATE the CCC as much as I do (that lame Catalyst Contrl Center), there is a site called NGOHQ that combines the core driver with the standard Control Panel and makes it available for download:

That is what I have been using for a long time. The Control Panel just works better and isn’t all bloated and buggy like the CCC, so I wanted to let folks know about it.

Anyway, hope these drivers work as well for you as they seem to for me.

Good luck.

BTW, the 6.11’s with the standard Control Panel still seem to work fine with Rad Linker, so no worries there for fans of that awesome util.

Thanks BeardedKirklander!! I feel the same way you do about CCC and can’t wait to try it out!

No sweat.

That site that removes the CCC and puts back in the standard Control Panel is a great link. I hope it works as well for you with the 6.11 drivers as it has been for me.

There is also a 6.11 release for older cards

Until this release, support for anything before the DX9 generation (including the 9250 that you can probably still find for sale) stopped after CAT 6.5.

Not sure if they will make additional legacy releases, or if this is a final rollup of all the bugfixes worth bothering with for cards of the previous generation - worth noting that Nvidia only dropped a few complete relics from their driver support, DX8 generation of cards still fully covered, along with most of the DX7 models

Had not heard of that at all. Interesting - I should take some time and look into it.