Ati catalyst 3.9

I have just installed the new 3.9 catalyst drivers for my 9600 pro. When all finished ok I typed in START -> RUN -> “smartgart” to get the advanced SMARTGART menu, but it was not there.

Does anyone knows where advanced smartgart is in the new 3.9 catalyst driver?


Did you just download the driver or the complete 25 meg package ?

You can find the complete software package here

Yes that is the one I downloaded.

Then i’m lost. I don’t have an ATI to test it on at the moment , but i was convinced it should reside in the advanced properties window.

Start->Run->smartgart still works for me using the 3.9’s on an 8500DV.

The SmartGart tab in the advanced area should do the same thing, but is more basic.

Make a shortcut pointing here and it might work:

"C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI Control Panel\atiprbxx.exe" /g

Thanks a lot.
You are a life-savior