ATI Catalyst 3.5 Drivers are out [now 4.10]

Thought some people may like to know.

Available here

Yup saw it. Supposed to be more stability fixes and such rather than performance/quality improvements. I’ll wait for Omega’s version :slight_smile: .

Yeah, Im waiting for Omegas version as well. Never had a problem with those drivers I am very glad to say. :smiley:

i think i switch back to 3.4
i got some serious fps loss in Spearhead

Originally posted by damiandimitri
i think i switch back to 3.4
i got some serious fps loss in Spearhead

Originally posted by damiandimitri
only a drop in fps in MOHAA Spearhead…still 90 fps average

90fps average is still very good though. :wink:

I like the 3.5’s, nemas problemas so far.

yes 90 is good…but sometimes it drops to 60 for a fraction of a second…just strange
but i can live with it

if your eyes notice 60 fps, i’d be very suprised :wink:

Nice comparison was linked from Warp2Search, shows Cat 3.5s leading the way in most tests|en&u=

i can notice 60 fps…because it can read it on my screen lol

(mohaa console… type; fps 1)

drivers are still good…but i am just looking what could cause this strange drop

they already released some patches for this driver…perhaps more will come

the best thing is they gonna try to release drivers every 3rd week…:bigsmile:

Omega’s Catalyst 3.5 drivers are out!

Also up today, the story of why he was forced to take Omega Nvidia drivers down.

installed them yesterday…they work very good

holly hello LOL

just what i wanted to hear :stuck_out_tongue:

guys pleaseeeeee keep me up to date on these drivers my poor 9700 pro is getting lonely :smiley:

again thx for the info

gotta try these out asap/.

Thank you once again BadReligionPR :slight_smile: (and ME isnt so bad ;)) That nVidia story was dissapointing to say the least, makes me glad I bought an ATI.

And on that note, the Linux distro I want to eventually download (An ISO is a pain on dial-up, glad its only 1CD) is Undead linux but it only supports nVidia ‘out of the box’.

So, does anyone know of some ATI drivers for Linux that are free?

As of yesterday, Omega Catalyst 3.6’s are out.

Thank you very much BadReligionPR :slight_smile:

Radeon Omega Driver v2.4.74 for XP/2000

Radeon Omega Driver v2.6.16 for 9x/Me

ATI Catalyst 3.6 Driver Suite

Thanx 4 the update Savannah much appreciated, big thank you also to BadReligionPR for the Omega drivers also. :slight_smile:

new omega’s are out

Get ready, 3.7 will be released tomorrow :slight_smile: