ATI Capture, divx FTLOG HELP ME

I have an ATI AIW 9700 That I use to capture tv shows. I am trying to get ready for the MXC season coming up so that i can record each episode. I want to have a fair quality and put it in DivX-That’s it. I just want to convert my captured programs to divx, and I cannot do it. I have Divx pro 5.11 codec. I also have xvid, etc. I have had no luck with the following programs; if I can encode anything from tv, its about a minute long, longer than that i get an error when encoding them. I can select different recording options and such but have had no luck with mpeg-2s or avi’s . Here is the software that i have on my pc and have tried for the most part:
Procoder(getting tomorrow)
Gordian Knot(all codecs and software bundles)
Nero Ultra Edition-If you have something else in mind chances are i have it so hit me w/ an y ideas, but;
I cannot encode shit, i dunno what is going on its been like this for a long time, and i have reformatted between installs before.