ATI announces Radeon 2

I just posted the article ATI announces Radeon 2.

ATi jus annonced the ATI Radeon.
This should kick Geforce 3 were it hurts:

This time ATi decided to play all its cards. Radeon 8500 is supposed to kick NVIDIA’s top products were it hurts. Thus…

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Well ATi better start making decent drivers for their Radeon 1 first of all. They are currently in BETA stage and are quite buggy. They haven’t bee updated since May. ATi support sucks!:frowning: One pissed off ATi customer (and a Geforce3 owner soon if this shite continues)

Well fellow members read my reaction to the Nvidia pissed of the Radeon 2. :4 I am sure you will agree, Nvidia are making a come back allready, no chance of 3DFX destiny, Nvidia is just too big, whereas 3DFX wasn’t. They have more money and more clout. ATI must be feeling the pinch if they are releasing their so called golden egg to put all other Graphic Card Manufactures out of business. Not a cats chance in hell. ATI have lost the war before it even stared. The kyro II chips sucks by the way, I have seen one in action. My GF3 gives me a nice benchmark of 5963 with 3dmark 2001, so come on you ATI owners double that if you can. And indeed ATI if you are reading this then try and produce a card which will double my score, and sell it for 100 pounds uk sterling. LOL @ you. You would have to build the damm thing for 50 pounds uk sterling, which is impossible :4 too make any profit :8 Sorry ATI your days are numbered for being so cocky. :d

interceptor, wtf r u talking about? firstly, who gives a rats ass about 3dmark2k1. It’s about as reliable as bapco tests comparing Intel to AMD. And secondly, why would anything 2x as fast as GF3 be 100 quid? even if it was, they coud sell it for 300 and still make a truckload. However on a more less-irritated and more-sane note, i have to agree totally that ATI drivers for the RAdeon 1 are diabolical. OK, yes, they are tolerable in Win9x OS’s however Win2k and you’re going to get frame rate drops and also what seems to be a more buggy gaming experience. Glad im dual booting, but still not content. I’m sorry if i were AMD they shud take a leaf from that Dwight feller at Nvidia. He and his team of 24/7’s are churning out the best drivers ANY consumer could ever hope for. Detonator 3’s and 4’s sets both made people sit up and take notice, and it’s earnt Nvidia alot of kudos in making sure the Microsoft-monopoly comparisons are kept to a minimum. It’s along the same lines as Q3 Team Arena being released for free. Ok maybe 10% frame rate increase isnt mind blowing, but it’s an impressive display of what Nvidia are prepared to go through to keep you hooked. I for one am very annoyed I went from Geforce 2 GTS 32mb to Radeon 64mb VIVO (VIVO played a big part mind). I wish people would make a bigger deal about drivers too. For the average Nvidia owner, they aren’t as aware of the competition’s problems as the competition. Ermm… where was i? :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry make that ATI take a leaf from dwight’s book :wink:

I was taking the piss out of ATI don’t take it so seriously mate. ATI are screwed, and as for Detonator 4 drivers r u for real I can’t find them I am using the det3 12.90. so if u can point me to Det 4 drivers on nvidias site, which they dont exist then I would be grateful :4

interceptor, check: if u want ! :8

some people dont get the point ... if there arent any companies like ati … nvidia would be able to raise the prices of their product even more … i for one think that 300 DM for my Voodoo 1 was expensive … I own a nvidia gf2 gts but however i dont hate ati … because the compete against nvidias g-card monopol well one more thing to say i use a winfast gts2 card & im experiencing bad performance with the new detonator drivers … ( 500 3d marks on 3dm2k) the standard drivers are much better (at least 2100 3dmarks) … anyone have this problem too ?

Use the 12.90 drivers they rock

ooops i mean the 3dmark2001 :wink: i used the win98 12.90 detonator drivers … but bad performance … well maybe my system is screwed up :confused: