ATI AIW amd Virtualdub



I have a an ATI AIW Pro and installed the latest drivers and the ATI video capture update on Win 98. Virtualdub says it can not find the capture device. The help for VD says something about using a “wrapper”, but I don’t understand.
This site:
indicates that I should be able to use AIW pro with VD if a certain install sequence is followed. Anyone have a suggestion?
I also wonder if there is anyway to capture directly from tape to SVCD format so that I don’t run into the 4 gig limit. I also recently saw on Screensavers that XVCD is a better format that SVCD and 60 minutes can fit on a CDR if VBR is used. What do you think?


I think you’ll need a wrapper for ATI AIW. More info on this (plus some wrappers you can download) can be found here. This is a good capturing faq - scroll to point 14 if you want direct links to download the wrapper. As for XVCD - not sure about that. If you can’t find help here, ask someone in Doom9’s forum, there should be someone who could help you with this query.