ATI 9800 Pro... or not?

I just installed an ATI 9800 and it shows up in device maneger as 9800 pro. Is this normal? just a fluke? or is it really a 9800 pro?

technically it shouldn’t but i’d be happy if i paid for a vanilla 9800 and got a Pro :wink:

You got lucky :bigsmile:

The difference between the 9800 and 9800 pro is in the Engine and Memory Clocks (325/380 and 580/680 MHz respectively) as well as the Pixel Fillrates. Unfortunately, you are not ‘getting’ a 9800 pro performance with incorrectly installed video drivers. In fact, you may actually lose some performance as a result. Download and install the latest ATI drivers (CATALYST 5.6) and if you already done so, try uninstalling and reinstalling them.

Humm that sounds wierd, I would wonder if there was a bios flash to softmod it to 9800 pro because I know there was a way to do it with XT or something. I would be catious when something identifies itself differently then what it would be maybe the card was tampered with to try and overclock it or something. Where did you purchace this card?

I do have the latest Drivers from ATI.
I got the card from my nephew.hmmmmm. I’ll have to ask him, he is always screwing up his pc by overclocking etc… He might of used a tweak from Rage3d or something on it.

Actually it isn’t that rare to get upgraded components. I myself ordered a 9800 and actually received a pro. People order a 120gb hd and get a 160gb hd. It actually happens more often than you think. As for degraded performance with a 9800 modded to a pro, that is bunk. Some people end up with artifacting problems if the card won’t handle it, but most cards handle it fine. It’s no different than overclocking your pc. It does work, but there are possible risks. Some people never have problems with it, and others have nothing but problems. For the minor differences achieved, I just don’t overclock or push my equipment. I need the reliability…

I wonder if there is any identifying components or markings that I could see on it. Hate to pull it back out though. Its running great as is. I never understood overclocking either. I need dependability more than speed and if I need more that my current setup I’ll have to get a faster bigger machine.
I guess you can look at it like a car though. I’ve had several that I “Overclocked” to get more out than stock! But wasn’t looking for dependability either. I wouldn’t mess with my Mercedes to try and get a few more HP out of it.
Didn’t mean to give the impression that the pics are of my Mercedes :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

the actual gpu chip should have markings on it, but that requires not only removing the card from the system but also removing the heatsink…

your nephew probably flashed the BIOS to a Pro one if he’s into overclocking and whatnot…

You can identify it by the ATI part number lookup. On the sticker on the back of the card are 2 numbers, one is the s/n and the other begins with “102”. The one that begins with 102 is the “Part number”. Below I put the link to ATI’s look up page where you can put in the part number or bios number and get the scoop on your card.

Or you can compare it to this image:

I recently bought a radeon 9800 card, but windows also detects it as a pro, and i bought it brand new from a store so i don’t think it has been flashed.

BTW, is there some software that can tell you the full specs of the GPU?


What about everest?

Everest says: Video Adapter ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (R350)

ATI Tool should tell you what chip you have.:slight_smile:


I tried to flash my 9800 to 9800 Pro and it didn’t take - so I left it alone-eh?

Still works good - suggest using the Omega drivers though - they are superior to ATI’s IMO-

Yo can get them here:


Thx for the link bigmike. Never heard of them before now! I will give them a try.:slight_smile:

Yo crossg-

You are entirely welcome - that’s the whole reason for these forums-eh?


i found omega drivers performed better than stock ATI ones with my 9800XT…but since i don’t game on the machine with that card anymore, i believe i’m running either stock Asus or ATI ones ATM…

hum… got to try those omegadrivers…

bigmike7, why do tou say they are better than the ATI drivers?


Other softmoded ATI drivers can be found here