Ati 9700 pro and tv?

hey guys
i have a ati radeon 9700 pro and i read somewhere that you could hook up your tv and watch tv thru ur pc??? well i was wondering how exactly would i do this? what kind of cables r needed or wat kind of software. and also is it possible after doing this to like record the stuff coming into my pc thru the tv?

thanx alot

You’ll need an VIVO (Video-in and Video-out) or AIW (All-in-Wonder) edition, a regular Pro wont do.

is there any like expansion or like special output thing i can buy to make my card do this? cuz i read on a website that ati radeon pro 9700 has tv out capabilities???

yes u prob did read but TV OUT means tv output from pc 2 Tv :)??

to watch tv on ur pc is pointless unless u going to capture TV…so buy a capture card. u cannot upgrade ur card in anyway to accept tv input…
Divx has released there divx capture for $119.99…look around for TV capture device…SasArchiver

If you want a capture card go for a DVB one, they’re far superior to any DivX/Software solution.

yes ur right diizzy, i have the dvdOH! media center usb2.0 and is gr8 for mpg2. but i have the kiss dp-1000 dvd/divx player and i was just reading about it, good for me, not for the guy who posted…sorry