ATI 9600pro Prob?

Hi guys, I just bought a ATI Radeon 9600pro 256mb for my sons system for his christmas. My problem is that when i install the driver that came with the product, upon restart it tells me that ati control panel failed to start because either no driver is installed or it isnt working properly? So i went and got the ATI 4.11 control center and driver (wxp-w2k-ccc-8-071-041026a-018719c-english) uninstalled the old one then restarted and installed 4.11. Upon restart this time, just as its past the boot process and is about to logon the computer restarts in to safe mode?
The specs are, AMD 2200, asrock K7S41GX, 512ddr 333, 80gb harddrive.
When i check in the control panel, ATI driver and control panel are there. When i right click on desktop/properties/setting, the device tells me VGAsave???
Whats the problem here, dodgy card?
Thankyou guys, sasarchiver

Looking at your motherboard on google, i see that it has an integrated graphics card, have you made sure that you have disabled the onboard graphics in the bios before you install the new card. If you haven’t then uninstall the ati drivers, restart, go into the bios (press delete) and disable the onboard graphics. It may be that the drivers are causing conflicts.

hi there, yeah i done this at the start, although it did not have a disable option, only AUTO fitted the description.

are the drivers for the onboard graphics card uninstalled? You could also chack connections, like the graphics connection etc, and you could clear the cmos for 30 seconds and reboot.

What is your power supply rated at? If it is something like 300W it may cause a problem, these new graphics cards and CPUs are quite power hungry, it may not be getting enough power.

Just thought of this, how many beeps do you here when you start up your pc with the new graphics card in, and how many do you here when it you boot up without the graphics card?

I dont get any beeps. I get a display with the graphics card, ive not tried games or nothing yet, but on restart it just beeps once, but it always does that…
I never installed the onboard graphics, unless its the sis package i installed, but thats my AGP driver and PCI/IDE&Usb2 driver…when i check system properties, the display tells me 1> radeon 9600 series, and 2> radeon 9600 series-secondary? have no idea what that is? VIVO?
The power supply is actually a good one, Mmm, 400w raidmax, 32a, 22a, 28a. I already thought of this and checked, power is fine.
What ill do is try a sytem restore to before i installed the motherboard drivers, if not might re-format.
Any other suggestions???
Thanku SasArchiver

Sounds to me like a driver issue, if it POSTs fine, and there are no extra beeps so suggests that there are no hardware problems. Also if it boots in safe mode then it also suggests conflicting drivers of some kind. You installed a sis package? You don’t get agp drivers for a motherboard unless you have an onboard graphics card and you wouldn’t install them unless it was for an onboard graphics card. Just check to see if you can uninstall parts of that package, if not then maybe you’ll have to uninstall the whole package which won’t be pretty i’m sure. Can you remember if you had the choice to install certain components of that package or whether it was all or nothing? Failing all of this then maybe a format would be the only solution.

Yeah i did get a seperate option to install them individually…k, so ill uninstall the sis package, if i can, then just install the usb driver, then the graphics. Didnt think of that :wink:
Ill post back with results, thanks again…sasarchiver

yeah if you can uninstall it, then just reinstall individual components like usb etc but not the graphics, instead after you install them just turn your machine off, insert the new graphics card, make sure the onboard is disabled and try to install the new graphics card drivers. Or if you can uninstall individual componets then that would make it easier. Or you could just maybe uninstall the onboard graphics drivers, and you may not have to install the new graphics card drivers, maybe just a simple reboot would do after that if the new card was in.

Hi crustyteacup, i thought id post back with results…
I did what u said uninstalled everything, put it right back to just fresh xpinstall. So I installed the omega drivers and directx 9c and all seems to be working ok :slight_smile: so thx for your help…sasarchiver