Athlon64 3000+ showing odd voltage



I noticed CPU-Z showing an unusually high voltage for my processor. Normal is 1.4 volts but this shows 2.144 volts. How’s that even possible? The processor would have fried long ago. Any other way to check the voltage?


Yes, that is odd, but so is your Core Speed, Multiplier, and HTT. On the 3000+, it should be 1800Mhz, 9, and 200Mhz.

Do you have AMD’s Cool’N’Quiet running by any chance? I’m not totally sure how it works, but I know it drops the multiplier down to 5x. If you are running CnQ, try CPU-Z with it turned off. Maybe check AMD’s site for more details about the changes CnQ does. You should be able to check CPU voltage by checking the BIOS when the computer starts up.

An overclocked 3200+:


Yes I am running Cool’N’Quiet, but my voltage has always been 1.40 volts. It’s only now that it has increased to 2.144.
I even tried disabling Cool’N’Quiet, but the voltage dosen’t change.


Sometimes application programs fail to read things like fan speeds, temperatures, and voltages incorrectly; perhaps more so with CnQ running. What does the BIOS say?


The BIOS dosen’t show the voltage. I guess it’s because my mobo dosen’t have OC’ing.


Hmm, I had a pretty old mobo that didn’t support any kind of OCing, but showed the voltages. Still, CPU-Z could be making a mistake. Another one to try is SpeedFan, although it doesn’t work on some of the newest motherboard chipsets: