Athlon xp with real hyperthreading

i am planning to use two athlon xp (tbred-b) with a dual cpu motherboard

shows how to convert a athlon xp into athlon mp

will this mod work with athlon 2.2 xp (tbred b core) - 266fsb

better yet with athlon 2.5 (barton core)- 333fsb

anyone here has ever tried this ?

it’ll work with xp2500+ processors that are unlocked but from about week 39-40 this year amd have been locking the multiplyer on they’re processors :a

all amd 2 processor boards only support 266 fsb and the 2500+ is 333 fsb so u need to increase the multiplyer to get the chips to run at full speed :wink:

this wouldn’t be “hyperthreading.” hyperthreading is intel’s simulated dual-processor mode.

it would be smp, have a look at for all the info on multi processor systems you’ll ever need :slight_smile:

all consumer dual AMD chipsets are FSB 266Mhz
so doesnt matter that much wich you chose

thanks all

i am getting 2200xp+ as there r real cheap :bigsmile: next week