Athlon nForce Review

I just posted the article Athlon nForce Review.

Wow guys! Look at this baby! Just look!

NVIDIA is making many claims for its first and flagship jump into the motherboard chipset market. That includes having five to ten times the…

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YUP. Things get better all the time :slight_smile:

Well … ! I think it’s very funny that there isn’t a single test in the review where they use identical GFX cards as the ones used on the n-force boards ! In all the tests they r using inferior GFX cards as opposed to the ones on the n-force … ! Gee a MX-200 GFX card scoring as much as a n-force board with an integrated GF2 in Quake 3 … I thought that was impossible ! he he … maybe n-force isn’t that great after all !

Kosh: No need to be so pesemistic. Read Tom’s Hardware review of the nFORCE. It is not really a review but an article on the nFORCE and the different flavors. This is truly an impressive chipset and No One buys an all in one solution if they are a gamer… :slight_smile:

Tried it already 2 months ago and so far it didn’t impressed me so much. Even the nVidia demos were flickering. :r It could be a wonderful chipset for laptops but for PCs.