Athlon II X4 620 vs Intel Quad 6600: which is better?

Hi all,

I am currently with the Quad 6600, and I want to built a second relatively cheap system for htpc usage. I found the Athlon II X4 for 80E, and I was thinking, should I keep the Quad as my main system or replace it with the X4 and dedicate the Quad system as an htpc? Given that all other system parts like ram dont get into the equation.

btw is the NV8200 integrated VGA chipset enough for HD? Google seems to find it is adequate, just double checking :slight_smile:

How are you going to cool a 95W CPU (AMD/Intel) in a HTPC case without making it sound like a lawnmower ?
My Xeon E3110 (65W) runs hot and I wouldn’t use anything with a higher TDP…
I wouldn’t touch the nVidia chipsets myself but you’re free to go with one if you want to (you should aim for at least 9400).
I would go for a 785 based one but keep in mind that LPCM only works in 2ch.

Of course noise is very important. My current Q6600 is relatively quiet according to [U]my[/U] ears (non-stock cooler) and it is already in a silverstone htpc case sitting 30cm away from my right ear :slight_smile:

Edit (after the extra nvidia info): Thanx DiiZzY I appreciate your input. Actually cost is important, because I am struggling to find hold my self from upgrading to an I7 and keeping the quad just for the htpc; if I can build something under the 200E limit (for cpu, board, psu) I might just persuade myself not to spend 1000E for a new I7 system :stuck_out_tongue:

MSI 785GM-E65, Socket-AM3
AMD Athlon II X2 250
Chieftec Nätaggregat ATX 400W, 120mm
Adds up as 2215 @ excluding freight

Chieftec Nätaggregat ATX 400W, 120mm
P45 NEO-F, P45,S-775,DDR2, 1600FSB, (Demo)
Intel Coreâ„¢ 2 Duo E7400 2,8GHz,
PowerColor Radeon HD 4670 “PCS” 1GB
2715 SEK


Thanx DiiZzY I’ll probably go for the intel combo :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity, returning to the topic’s question, which cpu do you think is better? I would suppose they are somewhat the same.

Edit: oh well I guess thisprobably answers it