Athlon and Thunderbird

Does anybody know if the Athlon cpu is the same as the Thunderbird?? Or is the Thunderbird a newer generation cpu?? And if they are the same, why did they change it’s name???

Greetz Cornholio a.k.a Rottochopman ~!!~

First you had the the AMD Athlon, now you have the AMD Athlon Thunderbird.

There are differences, the (AMD Athlon) Thunderbird is the newest of them. Can’t tell you exactly what the technical differences are, you would have to look that up on technical review sites or the AMD site (I used to know, as a PC salesman, but I haven’t worked in a long time and am a bit rusty on this field).

Yep, the Thunderbird is a newer cpu, with higher clock speeds.

Check out and check their history, you’ll be able to find all your answers there.