Athlon 64 x2 4800+ socket 939 coveted

Any ideas where I can get a used Athlon 64 x2 4800+ socket 939 without spending all of the children’s inheritance money? I see a lot of socket AM2s at good prices but 939s are not so easy to find and not so cheap.

If you can order from ebay here are a few:

In the USA:

There are many more listed.

Thanks UTR, I appreciate the help.

We have a few local shops that sell old computers - Goodwill, a used book store, some other ‘thrift shops’ - and if I had handy access to model-numbers, I might be able to locate a 939-based computer.

(Here’s an example where WiFi and/or Smartphones really come in handy.)

But those are always $50 and above.

Thank you, ChristineBCW. I appreciate your kind offer of help. The problem is that I need this CPU to update a home-brew rig on an old (read obsolete) Abit KN8 motherboard. I don’t even know whether or not the CPU (or the motherboard) was ever used (by a computer vendor) in a computer that even had a model number. I will adopt your idea of checking around for a good, used computer. Again, thank you.

Craig’s List is a fantastic place to pick up decent computers for cheap in the USA. I snagged a Dell Studio 540 with a Q8300 quad core CPU, 750GB hard drive, HDMI video, 4GB RAM, DVD burner etc. for $50. Just be patient and look at the listings 1-3 times a day and you will eventually score a good deal.

I actually had a 3800+ I just sold for 20$ (the x2) any reason why you chose to want the 939 socket instead of the AM2? Is it just cause your mobo works with 939?

The earlier Athlon processor series was actually very good. For that matter - still is. I just did a rebuild and have a K8M800 mobo with a 3800+ and 2 Gigs sitting here on my bench. What I find useful for most setups is to install dedicated sound and video cards, which I did in this case. My wife swears that she actually prefers the setup over her new new one (Athlon II X3) :slight_smile: It is true that getting parts is not as easy as it once was but they are out there. I listed on Craigslist and urge you to do a search there.