Athlon 64 - prices coming down?

does anyone know if the A64 prices are coming down any time soon, or if some new intel/amd products are coming our soon that will lower the A64 prices?

I am thinking of getting a 3700+ or a 3800+ but i don’t want to make the same financial mistake as when i got my 3400+


My Crystal Ball is a little foggy. One thing you can guarantee is that as soon as you buy something it is going on sale somewhere.

normally microdirect are not beaten on price in the uk but more than £5

well like everyones been saying as soon as you buy one, the price will shoot down. i really can’t see them bringing down the price of the high end chips anytime soon, you could just buy a slower chip and overclock it, the 64’s don’t have there multiplier locked so you can change the speed of the chip without changing the bus speed.

when i am spending this amount of money, I prefer not to overclock and void my 3yr warranty(even if it is safe - what if the processor was faulty anyway)

Only the FX chips have an unlocked mp…

I think the prices will be coming down somewhat pretty soon. Why? Because new steppings are about to enter the market. As new steppings come with lower producion prices (if the yields are good of course), AMD can drop the prices somewhat. But… in most situations, the top models won’t drop that much.

If you intend to OC, it may be worth to wait for a new stepping. Or get a slow Winchester bases s939 CPU and OC that one. If your hardware is capable of good OCing, you can achieve awesome results. Doing 2.4 Ghz on an 3000+ (stock: 1.8Ghz) is quite usual!

A post while I was replying… :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t worry about the OCing… unless you do something really really stupid, there isn’t much that can go wrong. Nowadays systems are equipped with overheating protections and such. They just shut down (or crash) when you go to far, that’s all.

but my warranty would be gone wouldnn’t it?

(BTW what could be done with my 3400+ stock 2.4GHz - i am telling myself this is a dangerous question to ask :stuck_out_tongue: )

Actually, I wouldn’t really know. First thing is that it’s kind of hard to damage your CPU (sure, if you solder a Vmod on your mainboard or you decide to hammer the heatsink on the CPU). If the hardware is installed properly, I think it’s even hardly possible to damage anything at all, no matter what settings.

As modern mainboards are fitted for overclocking (for instance, the MSI CoreCell technique) I think it’s become accepted and a pretty regular thing to do. AMD even unlocks the multiplier of the FX CPUs (ideal for ocing, useless for other situations)… so I think you’ll be alright.

As the chances on a damaged CPU are very slim and your using settings your mainboard provides you with, I think you’ll be ok. Esp if you buy a cheaper CPU (the 3000+ comes for a really low price), the risc is close to zero. At least, that’s what I think :slight_smile:

(yes I do OC… I haven’t run any system, except for my laptop, since 1996 without overclocking…)

I don;t have particularily good cooling or psu - just my cheapo 550W psu and the AMD retail HS+Fan

To be honest, i am happy enough with the stock performance - my dad would go nuts if he knew that I was overclocking cos he buys all my components. When i can be bothered i may give it a go. I probably wouldn’t notice it - I onl;y really need more power in the graphics department.

i was going to say, that 5500 is really letting that system down in a big way i’d be looking at possibly a 6600Gt or if you’ve got more money a 6800 series card possibly a GT

tell me about it. my FX ain’t doing HL2 any justice, but at least my cpu makes up for it a little. mayb thats the next component i should buy - i was thinking a rad.9800pro or a 6600gt, but i am going abroad so i am [a] gonna see if they got anything cheap there (pakistan) and [b] see how much money i got left

Don’t even think about getting a Radeon 9800Pro or 6800GT. Waste of money.

You should be looking at the 6600GT($200) or X800XL($300), depending on your pricepoint.

6800gt and xanything (x800 etc) i can’t afford so its probably going to be 6600gt

As you’re a gamer, make sure you buy a SLI capable mainboard, so you can add another 6600GT later and increase your performance a whole lot…

@ Shueb, Get a Gigabyte 6600 GT from for £108.07. Its a great deal. You will need a PCI Express motherboard though.

but do i need 2 “One PCI Express x16 slot (supports PCI Express Bus specification v1.0a compliant)” slots on the mobo?

this mobo only has one:

and it costs £120

I may wait for a while for prices to reduce and use of new sli NF4 to become more common. I am happy with the s754 MSI board i have know - is the MSI neo4 good too?

6600GTs in SLI is a waste. An X800XL costs only $300 and beats 2 6600GTs ($400) running in SLI to a pulp.

shuebhussain: Either get a single 6600GT or an X800XL, but don’t get 2 6600GTs or an SLI capable mobo(unless the price premium goes away, which it won’t).
Your current mobo is fine.

Don’t bother upgrading for the future. Trust me, when the future comes, you’ll be disappointed.

sounds like someone with experience from the flopped vodoo days. Which is better?

Sapphire ATI Radeon X800 XL 256MB DDR3, 8xAGP, DVI, TV Out Retail £ 233.77
Powercolor ATI Radeon X800Pro 256MB DDR3 8x AGP, DVI, VIVO£ 234.94

Do u think if i forked out good money for one of these, they would still be almost as good as anything in 1 or 2 years? I only need a new graphics card and a new hdd for raid 0 and my rig would be very sweet.

(IF my dad knew i was considering one of these, he’d go nuts)

Never think that way. Get one based on todays performance, not in 2yrs time.

I’ve heard of people softmodding an X800Pro(vivo versions only) into an X800XT PE by unlocking the remaining pipelines.
If thats true, then it would be the obvious choice.
Let me recheck my sources.