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Hey all!!! Just another question - I plan on building a new system for my uncle. Of course, I want to use the Athlon 64 (not the FX), and so I turn to you. Which/who makes the best board for the 754 socket?? I want all of the goodies too - SATA, RAID, Dual Channel DDR400, everything.

And money is no object for a board. :smiley:
I plan on running a gig of Corsair Platinum (their top of the line).

Post 900!!! w00t!

Anyhow, I have chosen these four as some contenders:


…or if you know of something better, PLEASE let me know :). (what is so great about the nForce compared to the VIA chipsets??? :confused::slight_smile:


Thanks Tax! I usually just post things like this in the living room (obviously) :bigsmile:

I have always preferred ASUS boards, and never owned anything else. This of course gives me no right to sat anything about any other boards, as I had never owned them. But, I prefer ASUS becaus eof their support, and their boards never let me down. So far they seem to make the best boards, even video boards (check my rig, my gf card is by asus), I just feel their chipsets are best designed, even their burners are great.

So my vote gives 1 to the ASUS.


I would go for a MSI motherboard, as they have lots of features and extra stuff. May I suggest Albatron too? :bigsmile:

AFAIK, all these AMD64 boards seem to be really really really good boards. It seems like their performance is about equal (reviews have showed that differences go up to 0.5%;)). This means just one thing: you can safely buy a board that fits your needs (feature-based buying), or go with your personal preference for a certain brand/chipset etc etc…

The difference between the VIA and the NVidia chipset seems to be immensely small. The built-in memory controller of the AMD64 CPUs is the main cause of this!

I personally was looking at the Soyo (I have NEVER bought a different brand board), and it looks like a good deal. GigaLAN too :slight_smile:

Any other opinions??

Humm, Soyo is not a very good brand IMHO. I advise you to choose MSI, Asus or Gigayte.

Originally posted by Lvsitano
Humm, Soyo is not a very good brand IMHO. I advise you to choose MSI, Asus or Gigayte.

Please tell me why Soyo isn’t a good brand?? I have had no problems (except for a damn fan controller when setting up water cooling).

You can clearly see poor construction quality when looking to a Soyo motherboard.

Could you please give me a few examples?? I personally think these things are pretty well made! :o