Athlon 64 3000+ S754 512KB

I am buying a new processor and im considering the Athlon 64 3000+ S754 512KB processor. But does the 64 bit thing mean i will need a special OS ? (I am just making a desktop PC for games, occasional dvd shrinking, dvd burning and word processing)

Do you suggest the Athlon XP 3200+ 512KB over the Athlon 64 3000+ S754 512KB ?

Thanks for the help!

I do know that Mr Bill Gates is offering a free copy of XP 64 bit edition for free if you submit your details to him so he can call round for a cup of coffe or tea when he’s in the neighbourhood.

P.S. He’s quite fond of tea-cakes too.

i take it that means u dont need a 64 bit OS, and if u got 1 it would cost a hell of a lot of £$£$!?

its not a free copy of the xp 64 bit its an "evaluation version) supposedly it expires in one year from what i have heard

It’s either 6 months of 12 month. I can’t find where i read it though. It’s probably on the Microsoft websote somwhere though if you care to look.

Even though it expire there is no reason not to reinstall it on a freshly formatted drive.:stuck_out_tongue: Or even make an image of your drive when you first install it and just keep on using that.:cool:

You can get it here.

64 bit application and os will work faster…but gladly enough the normal 32 bit stuff works ok also.

Many companies already promised AMD to make 64 bit drivers. More then ever before.

i would go for the 64 3200…if you have the money…it is as fast as the special FX version. (for games and so on)

thanks damiandimitri, i think i will go for the 64 3200 (my dad’s paying.)

Can you suggest a motherboard/chipset to go with it? I was kind of thinking of going for something that supports for dualDDR but as of yet I can’t find one that does.

i am safing for a athlon64 3200 right now (have to pay myself) but i want a mobo which supports my 333mhz memory also

i had a link with many mobo’s revied for the athlon 64…If i find it …i post it asap

found it;

the nvidia chipsets seem to be slower then the via chipsets

"For tower chassis, choose a chassis with power supplies that have both ATX-style bottom air intake vents and front air intake vents. "

Can someone translate this into plain english for me - its from the
AMD Website Do you think it is referring to the small PSU box itself?

they talk about the powersupply. AMD advises powersupplies with 2 fans.

1 fan on the back…sucking air out of the case through the power supply so it is cooled

1 fan on the bottom of the powersupply, above the processor, so the processor gets extra cooling