Athlon 64 3000 939, 117$ at newegg

I havent seen them this cheap in a while (and who knows how long it will last with newegg). They were this cheap a while back till about the point that the athlon xp’s started diseapearing and all the semprons showed up, then the price jumped up. I hope this is a sign they are coming back down.

I paid $149 for mine, that’s a damn good deal!

Not sure about these guys but here it is for $114.49

NewEgg owns ChiefValue.

I have an XP 1700 how much difference would I see with this processor???

An A64 3000+ with a Venice core (like the one at NewEgg is) should overclock nicely to at least 2.2Ghz. With SSE extensions in the A64 core (and not in the XP cores), you can expect things like video encoding to drop to at least half as long as your XP, or maybe even 1/3 of the time.

Mind you, you’ll need a S939 mobo. And the new mobo means you’ll have to dump the SDRAM (if that’s what you have) and exchange it for PC3200 RAM, preferably dual-channel to take advantage of the AMD on-die memory controller. Oh, and forget about using that el cheapo power supply - you’ll need 350/400W with a dedicated +12V rail & connector.

It’s funny how a $117 CPU can lead to a $350 hole in the wallet, but there you go.

I’m just going through this right now, and the final solution is:

Fortron Sparkle 400W PSU
AMD Athlon 3700+ San Diego core
1 Gig of Corsair Dual Channel Value RAM (2x512MB)

hey ftp:
may want to watch the power supply. i have an msi board with a 3000 proc. if i remember correctly when i was buildin mine. yo should have at least 28a on the 12 volt rail. and a weak power supply can lead to a boatload of problems.

I put a 450 watt ps in last year so that should be fine and I am just going to buy a piece here and a piece there until I have it all.

Everything you say is true and I wish more people would pay attention to the PSU - a flaky one can seemingly work OK … as it slowly fries your burners, CPU, and memory. I think the Fortron should be OK - they’re very conservative on the wattage, have good voltage stability track record, and the +12V is on two separate 18a rails, 36a total. The breaker kicks in at 32a on either rail. Besides, I have no intention of putting one of those $500 PCI-e grafx cards on the mobo, and I’m even hoping the built-in GeForce 6150 will play my ancient games OK!

@airphotog: What’s the make of the 450W PSU? Most of the no-names/low quality brands (cough TurboLink cough) wattage ratings are highly imaginative fiction. Some don’t even come to within 100W of their alleged rating.

Back on topic, I think the 3000+ CPU has been discontinued, and AMDs 3200+ is now the budget A64 model. Because of its easy overclockability, I may just go with that. With the May-June release of the M2/Socket940 (DDR2 capable) mobo’s and CPUs, I expect 939 prices to keep dropping.

My fastest system is an athlon xp 2500@3200 with 1 gig pc3200 on an abit nf7-s (decent board). I have built a few systems on an athlon 64 3000 and even not overclocked they smoked my system big time!!! Everything seemed faster. The nforce 4 boards have beter raid support too which defanatlly matters to me. I just hope they stay that cheap long enough for me to get my tax refund (havent even filed yet, lol).
I actually got emailed about the price by someone that I built a system for on this processor. He knew that I was irritated that he got one for about this price and they havent been near this cheap in a while since then.

Back on topic, I think the 3000+ CPU has been discontinued, and AMDs 3200+ is now the budget A64 model. Because of its easy overclockability, I may just go with that. With the May-June release of the M2/Socket940 (DDR2 capable) mobo’s and CPUs, I expect 939 prices to keep dropping.

I agree with you about the importance of power supplys. Are the 3200’s more overclockable or something? I have seen the 3000’s overclock quite a bit with very little temp increase, so little that you can run oem cooling. I was under the impression that all 64’s were nice overclockers? Cetainlly much beter than the athlon xp’s that I am running (the faster you go, the hotter you go, thats the only thing holding me back right now is heat).

I had to look again it is an Aurora 350 watt. It was suppose to be a good one when I bought it…???

@ripit: The Venice cores are indeed very good at overclocking. You could take a 3200+ and OC it with stock voltage and stock cooling up to about 2300-2400Mhz, and it would outperform a 3700+ at stock speed. The 3700+ also OCs nicely, but the percentage increase isn’t nearly as big as with the 3000+ or 3200+.

Great discussion about MSI K8NGM2-FID & 3200+ OCing here:

As for the discussion about which brackets/risers come shipped with the MSI, mine came with everything: 2 Extra USB, SPDIF and 8.1ch audio, TV-out (RGB and S-Video), SATA data cable, Molex -> SATA power convertor, IDE and floppy cables, and even a case faceplate for the ATX (VGA/DVI/Paralell/NIC/USB/etc/etc) connections. The only “option” it didn’t come with was for the extra firewire port.

Look closer at that power supply label. Is it made by fsp. fortron or sparkle? They make an aurora power supply, and fsp, fortron, sparkle etc. (same company) are very good power supplys.

@airphotog: The Aurora is a Fortron/Sparkle model and is a highly regarded PSU. The thing you might want to watch in the future, though, is that my mobo manual recommends a power supply of at least 350W. And I understand that if you get a Foxconn mobo, they won’t even listen to your problems if you’re running less than 450W (they’ll void your warranty, too).

I’ve always been leery about “future-proofing” with my hardware purchases. Experience has shown me that by the time I want to upgrade, the PSU requirements are double, the memory slots have changed twice, and no way will the newer CPUs fit onto older mobos. If you DO buy future-proof stuff, you pay through the nose for it and it might not be future-proof at all (ask all those who bought s939 when s754 was still going strong).

I’ve been upgrading ever since my 1987 IBM PC-XT. At that time, Bill Gates told the world that no one would EVER need more than 640K of memory. Every now and then you just have to unplug everything from the case, and throw the case - and everything inside it - out!

@ftp1020, I’m sorry, I misunderstood you. I thought you meant that the 3200 overclocked much beter than the 3000. I have never really dealt with a lot of the higher models, as the 3000 is kind of at the sweet spot for power for the money (especially since prices came back down to what they were before).
I just thought of something too. Talk about a nice overclock. we helped DJMind overclock his 3000 and he got to just over 2500MHz, stock cooling and everything!!! Of course he may have to sacrafice a little to get the memory right (not sure how that turned out), but forgive me if I am wrong, isn’t the 3000 1800MHz stock, so 2500MHz is quite a nice overclock, no voltage increase, very little temp increase.

Also, about looking to the future when upgrading, I couldn’t agree more, especially with power supplys. If you need to buy a power supply, do not get one that is big enough, do not get one that is a little biger to allow some upgrading, get one that is big enough to power anything that you could fit in your case!!! I have gotten slammed a little for this, but a good power suppy will last so long, you will be kicking yourself in a year or two if you don’t get the big one. Save a few dollars now, or pay a lot more later.

hey ftp, nice to see you again :bigsmile:

re: 939 price drops…unfortunately here’s what AMD said about prices in a letter to a gamer friend (he posted it in another forum):

AMD is continually assessing and adjusting its pricing to best meet the needs of our customers in the competitive environment. The following price changes should be expected Q2 2006:

Effective April 10th, the desktop AMD Athlon™ 64 and AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 processors will have a small price adjustment upwards, adding a few dollars to the current prices of these products. AMD is confident that these products will continue to deliver outstanding price performance to the market.
AMD Athlon™ 64 FX is not impacted by these moves and will hold flat in price.

Effective May 15th, the AMD Sempron™ prices will adjust downwards. The May 15th pricing will also include socket AM2 pricing for many AMD Athlon and AMD Sempron branded products in order to provide guidance on product pricing prior to launch. We believe that this full product offering of socket AM2 products will drive a hard and fast transition to the AM2 platform as well as drive cost effective motherboard solutions.

thats unfortunatlly bad news to us that want to upgrade to nice, powerfull computers, but I do have to say, the semprons are a complete ripoff!!! They need a big ass price drop. the last cpu I got was my athlon xp2500 (last one I bought for myself anyway). I paid 65$ for it with a free motherboard (giant pos ecs worth about 10 cents but its a working motherboard, after exchanging doa ones twice, to use in a second system with another processor). the cpu was about 85$ on newegg at the time, so it was a deal (20$ cheaper and free motherboard shaped paper weight with parts you can gut for projects after it dies and all!!!).
Look at prices now, 2-3 years later!!! The semprons are such a giant screaming ripoff, anyone would buy a real 64 instead. There are not any budget chips either. You can get a socket a motehrboard (a really sweet one) for 50-60$. Too damn bad the cpu costs so much (crippeled to the max and mega slow speed or not much cheaper than a true 64).
I just hope I have the money for one of these 3000’s before the price jumps back up, and hope this isn’t a newegg deal, never to be seen again after a day. sad thing is I had the money before but prices were so high I wouldn’t buy. I would buy two at this price (once the tax return gets here), but I know, new motherboard mega increases the price (gotta have a fatality, I know they are over priced, but I gotta have one).

That is correct! :iagree:

Did you hear your ears burning cause we were talking about you. Just out of curosity, what setting did you settle on for your overclock?

Around 2.2GHz and it could go higher, but it’s a fast chip at stock speed. :iagree: