Athena duplicator reads disk as too large?

Hey there,

I recently built a 1 to 3 stand alone burner using an Athena controller and have been having a lot of problems. It seems to sometimes copy discs just fine, and other times it displays an error that the blank disk length is not enough. When i run a test, it reads the master disk as 65GB or some ridiculous size.

Any thoughts on what is causing this?


Maybe you need to use DVD-R instead of DVD+R then.
DVD-R holds a few more MB than DVD+R.

well, i am using DVD-R. and a few MB doesn’t seem to be the issue. when it has this problem it is reading a source disc as having something insane like 65GB of data for a standard single layer DVD-R.

So i put in a source DVD to copy from, it appears to be a standard DVD-R, with only a 50 minute movie on it, and the duplicator controller claims it can’t copy because the source disc has too much data/blank disc not enough space.