Atari Jaguar CD, looking for some help

Not being the most knowledgeable person about the jaguar cd format or cd formats in general, I figured i’d stop by and see if anyone could help me out. I’m looking to backup my jaguar cd collection but this small task is easier said then done. Both EAC/Discjuggler fail to produce two exact images. Although I can rip/burn/play a game, each rip is different from the next and I’m pretty anal when it comes to stuff like that. So I did a little googling and ran into the following (taken from the FAQ @ atariage).

The Jaguar CD format is a non-standard format that is not compatable with
the ISO-9660 standard. It uses audio-format sectors for data, which
allows for 2352 bytes of useable space in each sector. Unfortunately,
this leaves no provision for error correction or file system management
(though errors are detected by the CD drive hardware). Each disc is
copy-protected with encrypted data that is specially formatted to look
like an error. Attempts to copy a Jaguar CD will fail because it cannot
read the encrypted data, which means the copy will not work.

Also here are a few links that might be of help: (go to tools:cd creation)

Hopefully that’s a start and we can get a discussion going on about this. It would be nice to finally be able to backup these cds and put them in storage.

Hi Scott21 ,
I’m not an expert but when it comes to copying cds of any kind , I use this combination : ClonyXXL + Alcoholer + CloneCD and it does the trick .
Hope this can help .

I can rip the cds with discjuggler, but with the encryption/protection scheme on the jagcd games, it produces errors (even though i can burn and play the games). This gives me a different rip everytime so it’s not really the best solution. I’d like to find a method to give me accurate/reproduceable results.

You would think that they would have worked out a way to backup these the way you want, considering that format is 12 years old.

Tried Alcohol 120% or burnwrite?

yep. EAC/alcohol 120/clone cd… all give me different rips every time

same here, it’s only possible to backup a jaguar cd if we enable a “ignore read errors” feature :sad:

i wonder if anyone has a solution

Has anyone made any progress with this issue? I’d be interested to know if there is a method for making exact backups of the discs…

I wonder what exact drives were used to create a backup/rip?!!?