Atari halts P2P file sharing lawsuits



I just posted the article Atari halts P2P file sharing lawsuits.

Video game maker Atari has temporarily stopped targeting alleged video game file sharers in the United Kingdom, because its working relationship with a London law firm has ended.
Atari chose…

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It looks like Atari is rethinking its strategy on how to punish alleged video game pirates.

The old adage “all publicity is good publicity” isn’t necessarily true, as many people were quite upset with Atari’s strategy to sue file sharers – and it didn’t help when they accused an innocent Scottish couple who don’t even play video games.


When they file a false suit like this, they should face stiff penalties - at least in the millions of pounds, as well as dismissal of all of their other suits since this one proves their evidence gathering is faulty.

Who is Atari these days? Last I saw, I think Activision owned the name (nice bit of irony there - but then again, who is Activision these days?).


Davenport Lyons set up a racket, recently sending out false demands for porn films for £500 to people seemigly at randon, if only half pay up, because of embarrassment, they have made a huge profit. Having anything to do with operations like that drags the manufacturers down to the level of borderline criminality.