Atari accuses wrong people of copyright infringement



I just posted the article Atari accuses wrong people of copyright infringement.

After several video game publishers publicly showed how they planned to combat software piracy, the lawsuits began to fly against suspected pirates. But the problem with blindly targeting people…

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I wish ISPs would just stop logging IPs. They are not reliable. They can be spoofed and multiple machines can be behind a single IP. If an IP is the only evidence you have then you don’t have any evidence at all. You even run the risk of ruining someone’s life by thinking so.

Imagine if some jerk (maybe someone you know) downloads child porn with your connection or spoofs your IP and used your real name as their username to hide? Do you really think you can talk yourself out of that? Well, where’s the porn you say? The cops will just want to know where you laptop is and when you try to explain that you don’t have one they’ll just charge you for tampering with evidence too! Everybody that knows you will never know for sure and always suspect you for the rest of your life. That’s if you’re lucky enough not to accidentally get shot when swat busts in or accidentally get raped to death while you’re waiting for trial by the other inmates who look down on crimes like abuse of a child.

No, an IP number is not you. It’s not your identity and it sometimes can’t even say what computer made the connection let alone who was sitting at the computer when the act took place. We need a law that says an IP does not count as evidence AT ALL FOR ANYTHING! They do not work like they do on TV! Unfortunately few people understand this.


“but the couple reportedly have never played a PC game.”

A likely story. Look, all I know is that when the ETF comes knocking at your door, it’s “deny, deny, and deny some more”. If I was told I had 24 hours to live, the first thing I would want to do is delete stuff from my hard drive. Then I would format the drive. Then I would microwave the drive for 30 seconds. Yeah, that should about do it.


Yeah Duke, that should get the jury to pretty much automatically rule in their favor because if you were innocent why would you microwave your drive? That’s obvious tampering. Ok, if you had maybe just reformatted cause you had a “virus” or something, but come on. If you microwave the freaking thing it’s pretty obvious lol.


The question is can you get the evidence needed from a microwaved hard drive? this is a great question, and I wonder if any of you out their can answear it.


You’d be better off using a nuke disk, then tearing apart the drive and running a strong magnet over the platters surface before smashing them into pieces…