i boght what i thought was this LITE0ON IHAP122-19 only it turned out to be ATAPI iHAP1229, with no drivers & now windows xp sp3 cant locate the drivers for it(came as barebones, shop said thr on the windows xp disk).:confused:

i need the driver so windows can upadte its stoneage powered system.

i cant find it under ur Product listing, so i picked the nearest sounding:a

as mine is PATA/E-IDE dont know about the SmartErase part

Hi and Welcome!

either your drive is connected to a 3rd party controller (very common on newer Intel based motherboards) or something is messed up in your Windows installation.

Try this:
Make sure you have installed the drivers for your chipset and IDE controller. Then follow the instructions given in this MSKB article: